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I bought a new whirlpool electric range in No. 2009 for a condo in South Carolina- I live in Michigan. Pans would not sit level on the burners. I tried to level the stove. The levelers did not work. Eventually I used wood blocks- still no luck. Then I realized that the burners were warped- all 4 of them.

I only visit the condo a couple of times a year, so by the time I figured out the problem it was over 1 year and the warranty had expired. Whirlpool would do nothing to help even though I explained the situation.

New burners from them would cost $197+. They would not even offer a discount on this. VERY uncooperative when asked about backing up their defective parts.

DO NOT BUY A WHIRLPOOL ELECTRIC RANGE! They are junk. I bought it over the phone- sight unseen. This was probably my fault. I replaced the burners myself. I bought them on ebay for $34.49- including shipping. I will never do business with Whirlpool/Amana again.

Fred from Michigan

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haray for you I had or am having the same damm problem they are completely junk I agree 100% pan keep dipping off I thought I had bad pans so when I ivestigated it , you have to get down and look under the pan and sure enoughhigh stop in middle of burner every burner and it gets worse when they heat up

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