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model number: WFW9470WL01

serial number: CS01602089

Original review posted by user Mar 23, 2011

Purchased the Whirlpool duet front loader back on Aug 2010. The washer started to make noticeable noise during spinning stages, and it got so bad that it sounded like a high pitch motorcycle inside the house. The repair crew came on time(this is good) and said that the noise was due to a rotor problem (human problem...not enough grease on it blah blah) All in all, the entire mechanical unit had to be replaces. I was told that it was 2 boxes weighing approx 200 lb to be delivered in the next 7 will take 2 technitians to do the repair...and that I need to be at home, every day for the next 7 days to make sure the boxes gets moved in to the garage so that they don't get wet...or more problems will come.

I did some research re this particular washer (I should have done this before buying the units...leaning), and saw multiple complaints regarding the same problem, all the way dated back to 2008.... So I called Whirlpool, Jeff and Austin were not helpful at all. I asked them with the bad tracking record, what will Whirlpool do if the problem repaear in a year later when the warranty is expired...They told me to purchase the extended warranty to ensure continue coverage...otherwise, I will be on my own.

All in all...My opinin is that Whirlpool knew they have issues with their unit, I was very sure that both Jeff and Austin had a written Q&A to address this particular issues. The statement was that "...the manufacturer stands behind 100% on their quality and they will repair them, provided that the repair is within the manufacturer covered period..." I guess after a year, if one does not have the extended warranty...we are on our Whirlpool / Maytag repairman can be very busy repairing the garbage they produce on the 1st place.

missed the good old washers that used to last 10 years or so...

To all who have or plan to buy a Whirlpool...think twice before you do it...don't just buy the brand as I did...they worth nothing

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Dallas, Texas, United States #993164

I bought duet. Like you figured they would cover it any ways so I didn't call them.

Tore it down on my own found bearings in the tub rusted. Try and find bearings, *** want to sell you whole outer tub housing.

Don't by whirlpool.

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