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I appreciate your comments. I did get a replacement (see original post below) so it\'s water under the bridge.

I just wanted people to understand what I went through so they wouldn\'t have to do it too.

I will never do business with Whirlpool or Conn\'s again. As for warranty, I found out from Discover that since I bought my refrigerator on my Discover card, they automatically extend the warranty an additional year, so my warranty is good until Feb 2014.

Original review posted by user Nov 10, 2012

Purchased Whirlpool fridge from Conn's in Feb. 2012.

In Sept. it started freezing food in the refrigerator. After 3 technicians from Conn's couldn't fix it, Whirlpool sent a 4th. Whirlpool told me this was not a typical problem in this model, but Whirlpool tech support told technician #4 that it was.

When #4 couldn't fix it, Whirlpool wanted a "2nd opinion" and told me he could authorize the unit for replacement. When #5 came he told me he couldn't authorize anything and that Whirlpool tells all their customers that to get them off the phone. When I tried to get a supervisor at Whirlpool, I was told "My Supervisor doesn't SPEAK to consumers"! After 7 technicians, Conn's finally replaced the refrigerator.

I had them replace it with a Frigidaire. It wasn't installed correctly and the icemaker doesn't work, so they are sending another technician.

I don't know who is worse -- Whirlpool or Conn's. I'm angry with both of them.

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I, too, bought a new Whirlpool refrigerator in April 2012. By July I called Lowe's & was told to call Whirlpool which I did.

They sent a "tech" from Turner consumer services. Food was freezing in refrigerator box. I was told I wasn't supposed to put food near the "vents". I turned the control down one notch from recommended setting, milk went bad & ice production went way down.

After 7 months, 5 service calls & 3 replaced parts Whirlpool refuses to do anything about the obvious failure of this appliance. They have given me nothing but stalling tactics and refuse to address the real issue ie: design flaws. Then the fridge froze over & quit cooling at all while company was here from out of town. Again Whirlpool sent an incompetent tech who was rude, condescending and actually LIED to my face.

I went out & bought a GE and have had no problems whatsoever with it. My husband & I are older & on a fixed income. We can little afford to purchase 2 fridge's in 7 months.

I will never purchase anything made by Whirlpool again and will tell everyone possible about my experience. I am considering one more expense =a lawyer.

to moraeder Inglewood, California, United States #579345

Your fridge is still under Warranty-1 year. All states have Lemon Laws which apply to appliances- research yours.

Sounds like Whirlpool has violated the written warranty- you must notify dealer and Whirlpool (in MI) in writing. Do this SOON - there are time limits to your rights!

You may get a replacement or reimbursement with letters- send by Registered mail. Lawyers are expensive.

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