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Lid cracked like everyone has been complaining about and Whirpool does nothing.I called customer service and they say they have no issue and no documentation about this problem. I told them they should check online and start listening to the consumers. Supervisor told me I should not believe everything on Internet. I saw that commercial too and I laughed and told him they should fix this issue and he said they have no issue. We will never buy...
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WP2008 Thank you for your review.
We are sorry to learn of the concern you expressed regarding your washer. I would like to inquire further about your review with you. Please r...

We have replaced the lid on our Whirlpool Cabrio washer twice and it continues to break in the same place. The third lid just broke in less than a year. The repairman says it is a flaw in the design. The plastic lid is not strong enough to withstand the force the metal pivot places on the structure. The washer will not work correctly with the broken lid. There is just two of us using this washer so we know it is not breaking because of over...
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Anonymous Ours has broken twice. When will whirlpool step up and recall these lids nod hinges? We can't afford a new lid and I am tired of getting hit in the head while trying to empl...


Anonymous Ours just broke too. Following to see answers.

I didn't like
  • Will not take responsibilty for products
  • Terrible unknowledgeable customer service
  • No compensation for loss of use