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We bought a Whirlpool washer, Mdl.#WTW7800XW and the lid "hinge" is made so weak that it keeps breaking (plastic). Being careful at all times was considered when opening and closing and the lid hinges at all times and it still broke numerous times. The lib is very expensive to replace. (One piece). Do not buy Model # WTW7800XW. You will be very disappointed in this purchase. Whirlpool needs to strengthen the hinge area with metal instead of...
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Whirlpool_Support Dear Sir(Tater Salad),
We sincerely regret the inconvenience you have faced. Please share your complaint number and contact details at so that we c...

We are experiencing issues with our washer - thee years old.The top would not stay open and now it is broken. Also, the front of the control panel is bubbling up or de-laminating. Very disappointed with the quality of the machine. We have had to order a new top to repair what we feel is a faulty design (should have been light metal vice plastic). This site is clearly designed to defeat a critique of the product - minimum of 100 words??? Now is...
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I didn't like
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Two days ago I purchased a washing machine from ABC Warehouse on 10 Mile , Centerline , MI.Been shopping with them for years.This time either the salesman didn't know what he was talking about or he out and out lied to me! I told him I wanted to have three water levels to choose from. That was the most important thing to me "NO AUTO SENSING LEVEL" and asked it the "SOIL LEVEL" meant the load size selection, he said yes. It has 4 choices. Well I...
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