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My appliance is 4 months old.I have been waiting since 9/2, no 9/5, no 9/13 for my part to come in. Its been 4 weeks and I still don't have a part for my washing machine. I am spending $30 a week at the laundromat that I will never recover. After waiting 23 minutes on hold I was told they don't have a date for the part!!! Nice customer service! They wont offer a return of the product to Lowes or a replacement. I'm just told SORRY! Sorry?? like...
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My Cabrio washer is junk after only 5 years. I have had several service calls and now the spin bearings are toast. No more and no more whirlpool products for me. I called the Company to get help and they told me I should have purchased the extended warranty. This product was expensive and extremely poor quality. 3 service calls and repairs in less than 5 years-really. Had I known I need a warranty I would have kept my old set that was...
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Sent survey to Whirlpool when I first purchased this. NO REPLY. Kept thinking it was because it was new and had to do a few loads-after almost a year, I had a service man come to look at it and he said no error codes so to try putting clothes in after the water filled. Tried that, still the residue. Used clean washer cycle-nothing changed. Tried extra rinse-still residue. Called Whirlpool they said if I hadn't waited til the warranty almost...
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Anonymous I have the same problem. Love my clothes looking worse AFTER washing than before. I should sell this POS and just buy a sink to hand wash everything.

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  • I will never buy whirlpool appliance
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  • Defective washer