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My appliance is 4 months old.I have been waiting since 9/2, no 9/5, no 9/13 for my part to come in. Its been 4 weeks and I still don't have a part for my washing machine. I am spending $30 a week at the laundromat that I will never recover. After waiting 23 minutes on...
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My Cabrio washer is junk after only 5 years. I have had several service calls and now the spin bearings are toast. No more and no more whirlpool products for me. I called the Company to get help and they told me I should have purchased the extended warranty. This...
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Sent survey to Whirlpool when I first purchased this. NO REPLY. Kept thinking it was because it was new and had to do a few loads-after almost a year, I had a service man come to look at it and he said no error codes so to try putting clothes in after the water filled.
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Anonymous I have the same problem. Love my clothes looking worse AFTER washing than before. I should sell this POS and just buy a sink to hand wash everything.

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  • I will never buy whirlpool appliance
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  • Defective washer
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