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I bought a whirlpool washing machine in kalamata greece -κότσο όλος In April 2016. In the beginning of September the machine broke down. The service man keeps on waiting for the part from the Athens headquarters, I have written to them ,and they say I have to wait, In the mean time 7 weeks now I have no washing machine! Is this the way you treat customers? Please give me a new washing machine my laundry is out the door! The Athens headquarters...
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It doesn't get the clothes clean no matter which HE detergent I use, and I've tried many. I've had a service man here 3 times and nothing was ever resolved. "Load too heavy", "water not hot enough", and other *** answers. I put 4 items in the washer and it still takes a long time. No more Whirlpool appliances for me. I'm going to buy a used old fashioned washer. I'm 80 years old and I know how to use a washer, except this one. I'm not ***, the...
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I liked
  • I will never buy whirlpool appliance
I didn't like
  • Poor quality product