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unbelievable: 1st, ice maker goes, then light won't shut off, then whole piece of *** goes out while gone- stinky chicken smell!!! $400 food spoilt-fridge not even 3 yrs old!!!! warranty only 1 yr- way to make money! 941-5440303 to discuss. Don't buy American. Just get problems. WRF990SLAM00. Took whole day to clean the mess. It looks nice but the manual is not written well, bells and whistles but noone knows how to operate it, customer service...
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I liked
  • Design
I didn't like
  • Noise
  • Every aspect of my association with this as hole company
  • Unresponsive to needs
Bought this Fridge 3 years ago and loved it, for about 8 months. 2 temperature control drawer control units, 6 service technician trips for ice maker & water, followed by no ice again, accompanied by heavy frost in freezer, and $400 in service fees has energized us to dump the product. And, to make matters that much worse, we had to listen to sales speech for their maintenance packages on every call & from each technician. Why would anybody buy...
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rollo2016 The best appliances are without all the bells and whistles like ice makers, water dispensers, etc. All those things do is cause headaches. Buy a cheap fridge and when/if it br...

I liked
  • Looks
I didn't like
  • Does not stand behind their junk
  • No resolution for urgent issues
  • Poorly engineered and quality