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I have been trying for a month to get my fridge repaired. 2 techs later and still nothing.

The 1st tech never turned in his report and I was informed by your customer service that it was my problem and I had to try to track him down and get it turned in. Tech #2 just left my house. He walked in, stuck his arm inside the freezer and said feels cold to me. I pointed out the melted popsicles and that the ice maker was not making ice because the freezer is not freezing.

He then said he doesn't have the tools to do the repair, if it can be fixed, and to call him back after the Holidays. I have been w/o a fridge since Thanksgiving....a month. And no one has a solution. I was sold an inferior product that has a manufacturing flaw but I have to suffer for it.

$800 out of my pocket and all I get from Whirlpool is " oh I'm sorry to hear that. We can send out another tech". The fridge is less than 6 months old and is still under manufacturers warranty. I think are are trying too starve us out so we will give up and either buy a new one or pay for the repair ourselves.

Worst customer service ever for a defective product.

It is a manufacturing flaw and should be replaced no questions asked, but all we are getting is the run around. I lost 4 days work waiting on "repair men" that don't do repairs and $300 worth of food.Stay away from Whirlpool products because Whirlpool doesn't stand behind them either.

Product or Service Mentioned: Whirlpool Refrigerator.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $863.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Whirlpool Pros: Price.

Whirlpool Cons: Customer service and repair, Refusing to fix known problems, Customer service-defective product, Unresponsive service.

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5 repairmen and finally one from Waynesburgh, PA and the frig is running. It is loud when running and each time seems to be getting louder (sounds like fin on fan are bent or off balance, from one of the techs).

Not from the one who fixed it. He was very good(great). After observing the frig he took the door panels off and found that the main wire controlling condensing, condensation,etc. was cut off and the factory used black electrical tape loosely over the ends, not even a wire nut !

I think this could have been a "fire" issue. This refrigerator, a french door, was nearly $2,000.00. I also lost over $500.00 of food by the time they got it running. It is running but not perfect.

When I called again about the problems, I was told if they said it was ok that I would have to pay for the service( what service)????? Bought at Lowes in Clarksburgh, WV.I would at least like the money for the food!

I paid for the frig and 5 years of insurance. Unless this is made right I won't buy "Whirlpool " or appliances at Lowes ever again.