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I got a letter from Whirlpool warranty service with FALSE information. It stated that I have "the right to schedule no-cost in-home repairs, thanks to your warranty" and urged me to extend the original warranty.I say "No thanks" to your bogus warranty, Whirlpool!

Even your original warranty doesn't deliver on its promised coverage.The display on my Whirlpool Whispure 510 air purifier no longer worked properly so I called their warranty office because my unit was less than a year old and still under the original "warranty". Here's what happened:I would speak to someone in the coverage department. Then I would (supposedly) be transferred to another dept that they said would assist me. Instead, I would go though the SAME voice mail options and end up where I started.

I went through this countless times.After I persisted and even read the terms of their own warranty back to them, I was told that I would need to send in my heavy unit for repairs at my own expense (after I received their repair form from them in 7-10 days).The point of all this is to alert folks to the Whirlpool warranty scam of promising repairs on a faulty product and then not delivering on it. They count on people giving up in frustration if they ever do call for the repair service that is stated as covered in their warranty. Every person you speak with over the phone asks you for the product serial and model number and customer info before they send you off to voice mail options again. Don't they enter this information in their database?Whirlpool has glowing reviews for their products on their own website.

Who wrote these? I could not find any way to actually write one. Check out genuine review sites before buying ANY Whirlpool product.

The reviews for their products and especially for their customer service are terrible.I'm calling the Better Business Bureau. Whirlpool warranty DOES NOT honor the terms of their own agreement to repair their products.

Review about: Whirlpool Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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