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I have the same problem but whirlpool won't do anything but give you the run around . I had a bearing issue that it had to be replaced so I bought an extended warranty and they said they would fix it but that was a lie they refunded my money then said they can't fix it. So I bought the part myself and it works. Then they have the nerve to send me a letter to get an extended warranty. I just got one thing to say to the rip off company of...
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they do not honor their extended warranty. The first repair company didn't sell us the product so they wouldn't service it. The second company told us that they do not come to our area. We told them after the first rejection the name, address and phone number of the company that serviced this washer six months ago. We have to go with the second company that now says that they can get here in about 10 days. The company that we suggested can be...
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I didn't like
  • Waisted money on warranty
  • Do not honor extended warranty
  • Wasted money on warranty