I purchased a Whirlpool front loader washing machine in April of 2011. This is not my first front loader.

Never had a problem with the Frigidaire. I wore it out. Whirlpool Duet Model WFW9250WW01, has now destroyed over $300 worth of clothing. Unfortunately "Whirlpool cannot be held liable for any damages to clothing." I called the company, they came out and replaced the drum at no charge to me.

They were not certain what the problem was. Obviously it wasn't the drum. The point of even owning a washing machine is to be able to wash and rewear clothing. If it destroys the clothes, by ripping off sleeves or shredding fabric, well then, you see my issue.

I hate my washer. It is no longer under warranty, it can't be returned.

Whirlpool has in essence told me I am out of luck. Just once I'd like a company to stand behind their product, or at least admit it's a failure and replace it with something else.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Brandon, South Dakota, United States #1347798

We're having the exact same issue. Originally my fiance said I do to much laundry, until it started happening to his clothes as well. We're going to replace the seal and hope that fixes the problem.


Same problem with mine. Wfw9050.

Bought in 2010 started shredding clothes a bought a year ago. Called whirlpool and they said they had no record of this ever happening.

I'm just going to buy another brand and not start spending money on this. Any suggestions?


It's the door gasket or bellow if you will that shrinks, it creates a gap between the gasket and door that sucks the cloths in. I got a new one from Amazon for $75.

Problem fixed so far. No f'ing thanks to whirlpool.

Fullerton, California, United States #1036992

Same here! Whirlpool WFW9250WW eats clothes, so sad!!!

San Diego, California, United States #992688

Same problem. At first thought it was tearing t-shirts in the dryer so I started drying them separately.

For awhile seemed OK, but here recently the washer ate two more of my favorite t-shirts, making them unwearable. I've lost a lot of clothing over the course of nearly 3-years. These were not cheap machines. I'm tired of finishing my laundry and anxiously waiting to see what's been damaged.

No satisfaction with Sears or Whirlpool.

I'll be buying new machines. I'll steer clear of all Whirlpool products from now on!


Same problem here! Mine also happened just out of warranty.

They wouldn't do anything. We have also had to replace the seal 4 times.

It starts to disintegrate and there is all kinds of rubber sludge until it finally rips again. I will never again own a whirlpool anything.


I am having the same problem, unfortunately I can't afford a new washer right now, but I can't afford to replace a piece of clothing every day, sometimes two or three. I have resorted to washing just about everything but jeans and towels in my bathtub! So frustrating!


Same problem as well. That picture looks like my son's shirt today.

I had for 3 years. One time zipper got stuck and made a hole that rubber area.

Leaking and shredding many clothes. Worst ever.


I also have a Whirlpool Duet Model WFW9250WW01 front end washer - every time I do a load of laundry, it's like playing russian roulette. Ripped, torn and damaged clothes - no more warranty and i'm in the same boat.

Searching online I have found numerous others with the same issues.

Yeah, there are other people with this problem with 'other' front end loaders, but the majority seems to be with the Whirpool Duets - sounds like a design flaw.

The way the window fits into the drum, combined with the boot/gasket does not stop the occasional piece of clothing to slip under the gasket, then during the spin cycle - it gets torn to shreds. Last time i'm buying a Whirpool washer.


Same problem here. Just started doing it a month ago, and I say easily $500 worth of clothes gone!

Sucks to pay so much for something and it cost you more in loss of clothing!

Went and looked at the newer ones and there isn't the space between the drum and bellow for the clothes to get hung in!!! So they probably listened to all the complaints just not willing to make them right!

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #768775

Yup ... I wore out a magnificent Kenmore and now I am suffering with a terrible Whirlpool that eats tshirts like nothing I have ever seen.

It is getting expensive so I think I will simply throw it away and start over with another brand. How sad.

to DisgustedWithWhirlpool Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States #952114

I don't have a problem with the machine ripping clothing, mine just does not work anymore after 18 months. Called the company and they said it was out of warranty and I would have to get it fixed at my expense.

This is a top loaded because I was told that a front loader was a lot of trouble. It looks like they are having a lot of trouble with all of them. I'm looking into buying from another company.

It's a shame because I have always had Whirlpool or Kenmore that has always been dependable for years and years. This is my real name: Joe Hayes, Fayetteville, NC


I'm having the exact same issue this washing machine randomly destroys clothing and as soon as your out of warranty your sol.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #610167

Same story here. Called company.

The "don't know what the problem is". No solution offered.

Many clothes shredded. Looks like it gets stuck between the gasket and the drum, then rips them apart.

to ***edOff Grand Forks, North Dakota, United States #628500

The 9250ww was purchased on jan 1, 2012 and after about 6 months started tearing t-shirts, nighties and kids pajamas and blankets. Anything that would get caught in the door seal was stretched or ripped.

It's now 15 months old and is leaking out the rear vent.

I'm an engineer and thought this could be fixed. Now i'm not sure it can.

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