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Bought a Whirlpool washer and dryer at the same time (Inglis brand) from Best Buy last September 2011. Had bought a washer previously a few of years for my mother-in-law.

That one worked fine so we figured there was little risk in buying one for ourselves to replace our ancient, wornout Kenmore products. The dryer has been fine. The washer has been an unmittigated DISASTER!!! Nothing but problems with it from the time it was installed, the most significant of which is it DESTORYS clothing!!!

Holes in most everything my wife wears!!! We've worked with Whirlpool warranty claims virtually every month since then having their service guys change out all the parts possible and constantly tell us it is "working as designed". Get that --- working as designed????? It's SUPPOSED to destroy clothing washed in it!!!!!

Worse, Whirlpool will not provide a reputable warranty!!! They can't fix it and they won't replace it!!!! They won't even give us a reasonable refund that we'll apply to a new, better model Whirlpool washer!!! They won't do ANYTHING!!!

So much for CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! So, we're doing the only other thing we can do --- writing 'em up everywhere we can and advertising the truth about this Whirlpool product and, most importantly (unless this situation is remedied to our satisfaction), we'll NEVER BUY ANOTHER WHIRLPOOL PRODUCT AGAIN and we'll INFLUENCE EVERYONE WE POSSIBLY CAN to NEVER BUY ANOTHER WHIRLPOOL PRODUCT AGAIN!!!!!

WHIRLPOOL HAS LOST A CUSTOMER FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!! Lest a Whirlpool rep read this and wonders who this irrate customer is, my name is Brad Jackson and I can be reached at 972-662-0949.

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I purchased a Whirlpool Cabrio for $800. In 14 months time I had to call a repairman 3 times.

The last repairman was very honest with me and gave me two options. He told me that Whirlpool builds nothing but junk these days and If I decided to keep the washer he strongly suggested I purchase the extended warranty which would help defer the cost of future repairs. Or I could cut my losses and purchase a reliable washer.

He told me about a brand called Speed Queen and how dependable they were. I opted for plan B and couldn't be happier.


I agree...Whirlpool has the worst warranty and customer service. It hasn't been 1 year since I purchased a whirlpool washer and I have already called for service 3 times and they still have not fixed it.

My last call was the worst because they simply said they couldn't do anything. Never again will I buy a Whirlpool product.


Bought Whirlpool Washer Dryer Duet in 2012. The washer falls apart every six months - the fins fall off.

Whirlpool gave us a replacement machine the first time, which does the exact same thing. Every six months we go through the routine of waiting on hold to get an approval from Whirlpool for them to pay a service call. Then to make an appointment for the service call. Then *** work to be here for the service guy.

Drag washing to laundromat while machine is down.

Takes weeks to get the washer running again. Whirlpool is terrible, DO NOT BUY WHIRLPOOL

Los Angeles, California, United States #694687

Many years ago I bought a top loading Whirlpool washer but was very disappointed to find the following problems:

1/ I assumed all washers would stop washing when the lid was open but was very disappointed to find that Whirlpool washer kept on washing when the lid was opened wide. This was very dangerous to little children. I asked to exchange for a model that has auto stop when the lid was open but was shocked to find that none of the Whirlpool washer at that time had that safety feature. Since then I have heard of at least 3 little children battered to death in washer with no auto stop when the lid was open. Even though I see that some Whirlpool washer today have a lid lock, the lid lock has wires under the lid where water may splash on. It appears to be a cheap fix instead of a re-design for safety. Besides, there are lots of report of the Whirlpool lid locks not working.

2/ The Whirlpool washer did not have enough power to wash a full load. We often found the laundry barely moving during the wash cycle and detergent stuck between clothing at the end of the wash. In spite of the poor washing power, clothes were sometimes torn by the agitator. I think it's because of the poor design of the agitator that could not move the clothes around evenly so it kept on hitting the same spots of a few clothe items.

3/ The final straw came one day when I found the floor flooded with water and water kept on spilling from the washer and the faucet kept on filling the washer with water even when it was overflowing because the auto water stop failed. Luckily I was at home when that happened and discovered shortly after the malfunction. If I had left home while the washer was being used, my whole apartment would have been flooded and thousands of dollars of damages would have been cause on my hardwood floor, not to mention water damages that would have happened to the floor below.

In spite of the Whirlpool washer being very new, I decided not to have it repaired by Whirlpool because I cannot stand the possibility of my apartment suffer heavy flooding damages which the Whirlpool representative said they would not be responsible for.

I bought a Kenmore washer and gave the *** Whirlpool washer to the shop that sold me the new washer.

The Kenmore washer works to my satisfaction.

I hate Whirlpool washers.

Whirlpool washers SUCK!!!!

I totally agree.

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