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I purchased a whirlpool front load washer and 2 weeks after the 1 year warranty the machine stopped working. I contacted Whirlpool Customer Service and was told that I should have purchased the extended warranty but since I didn't they will offer no support.

I tried to reason with them without success. I asked how many complaints they have on Whirlpool Washers and was told that the information is proprietary. I asked to speak with a supervisor and was told that no one else is available to speak with. I said j was willing to wait and the person said there is no appeal that can be made on the phone.

So now I have a Whirlpool Washer that has a defective door lock motor that will cost $60 and likely a defective control board that will cost $100 and the service call that costs $99. Whirlpool said to bad it is my problem and they will not help and they do not stand behind their products beyond the warranty. To make this worse we had a similar problem about 1 month before the warranty and the Whirlpool Service had us turn the machine on and off, run several cycles and the machine worked for another month.

So my advice to anyone that owns a Whirlpool product under warranty is to have service come out if there is any issue. For others that have not purchased Whirlpool DON'T 

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Whirlpool quality is very poor. My Wife cleaned our range today and the paint came off.

I can't get the oven light cover to budge and I am afraid it is rusted.

This unit is less than 18 months old. The next one I buy won't be made in America or by Whirlpool if they happen to buy somebody else out overseas.

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