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The Whirlpool 40 g hot water heater I purchased 7 months ago began to leak. Whirlpool indicated it was still under warranty BUT I had to pay to have it uninstalled, transport it back to Lowe's (rent a truck) and then have a new one installed.

I asked why the old one couldn't be removed when the new was installed and was told "that is not possible."

They indicated they would reimburse me up to $135 but given that the installation costs $295 that is hardly adequate. Why is it my responsibility to pay a technician to come uninstall their faulty product, rent a truck to take it back to the place of purchase and then pay them to reinstall a new one!?

It does not appear that Whirlpool gives a darn about customer satisfaction - and as a result they've lost this one for life!

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I had the same experience. The unit I purchased was defective, and even though I only had it for 5 weeks, I was told I had to get it back to the store.

I will not buy Whirlpool products again ... and I have shared my experience with a few hundred facebook friends.


Welcome to the world of Whirlpool!

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