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Model # XFG 540H0AS 0 Ser # R30528868 I bought this stove from Leon's, with them fully knowing I was going to convert it to propane. Great!

I moved across Canada, had the stove connected/converted. Main complaint: Flame adjustments are poor (yes conversion done correctly by qualified technician) - basically only medium to high setting as the adjustment knobs do not turn down the flame enough after propane conversion. The kicker: Whirlpool tells the technician that this is normal after propane conversion, no need to have another technician check it out. Results: Basically I cannot simmer or cook things properly without worrying about over heating or burning food.

The adjustment is so poor that I am unable to simmer food or cook slowly. Whirlpool "engineering" department decides it works great the way it is, probably because they don't own one of these on propane. Conclusion: Thanks Whirlpool, good customer support, why not back up your products like any respectable company should? Oh yea I forgot, you don't care because it's not "your" problem.

Problem noted when I purchase again! Thanks Whirlscrewl!

Review about: Whirlpool Oven.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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