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Today Whirlpool sent out a 2nd repairman- Carlos from Factory Service Appliance Repair to fix the frost in the frost-free freezer. I have an WRT359SFYW bought 8 months ago and still under Warranty.

Carlos rocked my fridge back and forth and said it wasn't level because it was on a hardwood floor which was ''soft''(!). I told him it was actually a laminate floor on plywood over cement and therefore very hard. He then made an adjustment to the leveling screw on the left side and said he was finished. I asked if now I would no longer have frost in my supposedly frost-free freezer.

He said that I would have ''condensation which would turn into crystals'' (ie; ''frost!'') but insisted this wasn't ''real frost'' and that it was ''normal'' for this model. Also he told me all top freezer style fridges had crooked and sagging doors- this was also ''normal''. And it was ''normal'' that the top of the box wouldn't line up with the top of the door. I give him an ''A'' for creative lying and an ''F'' for diagnostics and repair.

I called Pacific Sales again- they had sold me this fridge and had arranged through Whirlpool for this repair, so now I have a 3rd appointment this coming Tues., Dec. 11th with A & E Factory Service. Betcha they won't fix it either but I'm looking forward to seeing how this next repairman worms out of repairing my refrigerator. I'm going to set up my tape recorder this time, play it back to Pacific Sales and send a copy to Whirlpool CEO Fettig along with a letter announcing an extension of my Warranty from the first failed repair.

My next step- a lawyer specializing in CA Lemon Law- triplicate damages plus Whirlpool will have to pay all legal costs.

Whirlpool obviously has a policy to not repair this kind of problem. Stay tuned for Chapter Three next Tuesday.

Review about: Whirlpool Refrigerator.

Monetary Loss: $765.

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