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We purchased a new home in July of 2011 and we paid extra for the upgraded appliance package, which included a Whirlpool Microwave/Convection Hood Combination unit. We have Model # GH7208XRS3.

We use the microwave a few times a week and only used the home 6 months each year during 2012, 2013 and 2014, for a total of approximately 18 months. From the very beginning, we had trouble with the microwave control panel turning itself on and the electronics going through various timing and programming functions independent of any human operator.

During the combined two-year warranty period from July 2011 – July 2013 (the Manufacturers’ Warranty lasted one year and the Developer’s extended Warranty lasted an additional year) we had 5 service calls on the same issue. The Authorized Repair Center repairman called the Whirlpool Tech Line while he was in our home and was told that there was a flaw in the design of this model. They replaced the door and then when it acted up again, they replaced the control panel. In Nov. 2012, after the repairman told us the door needed to be replaced again, we asked for a new appliance since we had the same issue repeatedly and they had already tried to fix it by replacing the door and it was still under warranty. We were told that Whirlpool would not replace the appliance until they had tried to fix it three times and we needed to get a new door again. We were told that because it was the same issue repeatedly, we would get a replacement if it still went bad after the warranty was up. So we had the door replaced again, which did not fix the problem.

In late 2014, we again had the same issue with the control panel and made a call to Whirlpool’s Customer Experience Center. At that time, we were told that the warranty was no longer in effect and Whirlpool would do nothing to fix the issue. Even though it was the same issue that they had attempted and failed to fix while under warranty, the company would no longer stand behind the promise of customer satisfaction and told us they will not replace a 3-year-old microwave. When I asked the Customer Service Rep to speak to a Manager to escalate the issue, I was transferred to the Tennessee Office. When I got the same repeated run-around from the Supervisor, Melissa, I asked that Customer Service Supervisor to let me speak to a Manager and she told me she could not give me the name of anyone else to speak with and hung up on me.

I am writing to you to express my extreme disappointment in Whirlpool and the product’s reliability, the way the company has handled fixing the problem and especially in the conduct of the “Customer Service” department. Whirlpool gave us nothing but a run-around for the years the warranty was in effect, knowing that this model has a design flaw and trying to do “band-aid” fixes until the warranty ran out. We were told that our only option now is to pay to have the same problem fixed a fourth time or purchase a new microwave.

Whirlpool has trained their Customer Service people to be polite but ineffective and obstructionist on the phone and then hang up on the customer when they cannot resolve the customer’s issue.

I believe that Whirlpool should be committed to customer satisfaction and making sure that their products work as intended and fix the problem that was reported while under warranty, even if it no longer in warranty. Whirlpool should be as disappointed as I am that after three attempts the problem is still not fixed and should be committed to customer satisfaction enough to replace the appliance after three failed attempts.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss damaged or defective of whirlpool microwave and associated monetary loss in the amount of $1000. Whirlpool needs to have the product delivered according to poster's claims.

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