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I bought a whirlpool refrigerator in May. The back left corner of the freezer froze and stopped making ice.

I called them. They told me it couldn't be fixed for a month and they would call me. I called them 4 weeks later and they sent me parts. The service company came out and put in the parts and still the machine will not make ice.

I called again. Someone came out and put a new ice maker in. Still didn't work. I called again.

2nd new ice maker was put in. No ice. I called again. It needs new tech to look at it.

They would call me back on Friday. 2 1/2 week later I called them. They would send a tech. I waited.

Tech did not show up. In fact, when I called that company I was told they were never scheduled. I called again. Sorry, we have to research other techs in your area.

They will call within a week. 3 weeks later they called back. There are no other techs available. Will send the same company but they need to talk to our tech department.

Guy comes today. He has to call his tech company to call their tech company because whirlpool techs will not take call otherwise. Finally get both techs on the line. They say he has to take apart fridge and they hang up.

My fridge has not been making ice since September and after hours of wasted time waiting for techs to come. It is March and I still don't have ice.

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Ice cube tray: $1 for 3.

Problem solved.

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