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This will be the last Whirlpool appliance I will buy. We purchased this Whirlpool refrigerator Model ED5GVEXVD literally a few days over 2 years ago. It is a side-by-side refrigerator with shelves that are supposed to slide out, however we have never used it in that capacity. The problem is that the plastic frames on every shelf, even the ones that do not slide out over the bins, have cracked in no less than 2 places on each shelf.

We contacted Whirlpool over a month ago. The good news is that they responded quickly. The bad news is that they stated "it is unfortunate that you had problems with the shelves, but we are unable to do anything for you because it is out of warranty. If you would like to purchase replacement shelves, we could order them through their consumer parts department."

This is such a crock. If it was one shelf, I could justify the possibility of it getting smacked or something overweight was placed on it, but EVERY SHELF? As I said, not a single shelf is crack free, including the ones that sit directly over the bins, which should have additional support from the bin construction.

By the time I replace every shelf that is cracked, it will be equal to what I paid for this refrigerator 2 years ago, and it will net me maybe 2 more years of service. If I have to invest that kind of expense into it, the refrigerator will go to the recycler and I will buy from another manufacturer, which will definitely NOT be a Whirlpool or Whirlpool subsidiary.

The cracks were noticed early last month. The cracks are already getting larger. I will no longer allow my children to get anything out of the refrigerator since I'm afraid that the shelf will crack, the glass in the shelf frame will break and we will have an injured child, which instead of reaching this website, I will be contacting a lawyer. I need to do something with this refrigerator, but with the economy, I can't afford to just keep replacing a $1000 refrigerator every 2 years.

This refrigerator does not get extreme use since it is the 2nd refrigerator in the house. The primary fridge has been in our house since 2005 and I wouldn't trade it for anything. This Whirlpool refrigerator however is poorly made. The materials that the refrigerator shelves are made from were just a poor engineering decision because it is not holding up to mild to moderate use without cracking.

We purchased this Whirlpool appliance thinking we were getting a quality product from previous reviews we had read, however, this is obviously no longer the case with this company and seeing the complaints that I now see online. Someone would have to give me really compelling evidence to make me decide to EVER purchase another Whirlpool appliance again.

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Elmont, New York, United States #1301927

I have had the SAME issues!!!

Farmington, New Mexico, United States #1256267

Agreed.The inside of Whirlpool refrigerators are garbage.

They are made of cheap plastic that cannot withstand pretty much anything, let alone the cold of the refrigerator. All three of the sliding shelves in mine have cracked plastic frames. One has a chunk gone so it cannot be glued. And instead of Whirlpool offering the cheap plastic frames as a replacement part, they want over $100 each for entire replacement shelves.

I've also had the slider rails in the crisper drawers break.

Yup, cheap garbage plastic again. Right now, if I replaced all the cheap plastic broken inside my fridge, it would cost over $500 to "fix" a thousand dollar refrigerator.

And what's more, it would all be cheap garbage plastic again, so in a few years it would be time to do it all again.That is simply not going to happen.

I have two refrigerators from the 1940's, and one from the 1950's, and the shelves in all three of them are still working and sturday...they are made of steel.

Whirlpool makes garbage appliances these days..but I'd suspect all the plastic refrigerators built today are the same way.

to Anonymous Ottumwa, Iowa, United States #1256612

I cannot offer what to do with the broken slider drawers, but seriously on Sears parts site there is a coated grill grate that fits perfectly in the same space as the shelves. I should have sold those to people who wanted to replace them on their POS Whirlpool fridge of this model. I was just so aggravated i didn't think of it.

Groton, Connecticut, United States #1245411

The sad part is, as of this moment if someone gets hurt, the court will hold you one-third responsible for any injury because you notified the manufacturer and still used the fridge knowing it was dangerous..

to Anonymous Ottumwa, Iowa, United States #1245605

I have replaced the refrigerator. Prior to replacement, I removed the plastic and glass shelves and replaced them with coated grill grates that I found at Sears that were of the same dimensions.

The point is that they should have replaced them.

Tampa, Florida, United States #1210767

Totally agree with above statements.I purchased a French door refrigerator/freezer.

Before it was 3 years old the freezer has failed.

It has failed 4 times since May 2016 despite whirlpool sending appliance "fixers" to fix the multitude

Of problems.Customer service or lack thereof suggested I go out & buy another freezer.

A letter to Jeff Fettig so far has gone unanswered.

Park Ridge, New Jersey, United States #1209298

I will never buy another product from them again!WTW7300DW wash machine.

Owned it for 4 months and the computer went. Been without it for a month because the part is on back order..

with a delivery date of 9/2 wait 9/5 wait 9/13...They have no clue and will not replace or refund my money!

Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, United Kingdom #1193586

I Agree with everything!


Ugh same problem!!!


All my shelves cracked badly.Failure of mfg.

quality control allowing cheating Chinese supplier to rip us all off. Ultimately US company's management is to blame for not doing their absolute basic job managing outsourcing. I'd rather buy/repair a 20 yr.

old honest appliance that will last a lifetime than this garbage.Boo & shame on management - they should be fired & personally held accountable.

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