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My Brand new Whirlpool Stainless Steel Refrigerator Model #GZ25FSRXYY0 has rust on the front doors, in several spots.After having it for 6 months.

I called Whirlpool and was told they do not cover smears or rust. I told the lady at Whirlpool in which I was speaking to, that Stainless Steel does not rust. She was not intrested in what I WAS SAYING AND SHE CUT ME OFF.

Whirlpool handling this situation is unaceptable.I have since contacted the store in which I purchased my Whirpoool Stainless Steel Refrigerator, (Lowes in Mays Landing, New Jersey )and they are working on the problem.

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Monetary Loss: $2200.

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Just got off the phone with Whirlpool.They're sending me stainless steel cleaner.

I asked the rep what happens when this doesn't work as there are HUNDREDS of reviews online about this runaround BS and all she could say was call us back and we'll go from there.I am beyond angry right now and will never buy anything Whirlpool or related to them again.


Same thing here, not even 3 weeks old and rusting!

Emmaus, Pennsylvania, United States #1199303

Really wished I had read all the blogs about how rust on your appliances are not covered as I wouldnt have been duped for purchasing an expensive refrigerator 9 months ago only to have the freezer door rusting out....way to go on integrity and quality of your appliances...will DEFINITELY be gettingt he word out on this one...

Orange City, Florida, United States #1184133

I was thrilled to have this lovely new French door refrigerator as part of our new home purchase until I noticed the rust spots on the low freezer door.The builder referred us to Whirlpool.

Then I read about the metal content of these "stainless steel" products not being good. It seems that the more magnetic they are the less they are truly steel. Nickel content is the problem. So what is the solution for ourselves because it doesn't sound like anyone is going to help us.

The class action suit might yield some $$. Vinegar?

Oil?Commercial products??Help?


We have a 5 year old whirlpool refrigerator that has a white enamel cover and rust is now coming thru the white enamel.


The company needs to replace all of the machines with real stainless steel and provide a very long warranty against rust, etc. and then they need to uphold the warranty

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1111473

Hi- we had the exact same problem. I complained and was given replacement door fronts. I was glad to get the replacement, but I'm wondering if there's anyway to prevent the new door fronts from rustumg


I have the same problem on my four door whirlpool refrigerator and had a discussion of the same.Same response.

My refrigerator is just over one year old.

Most expensive refrigerator they sell.

I am going to take them to small claims court.They sell it as stainless steel, but it really has only a small amount along with different alloys.

In my opinion, I recommend not to purchase any of Whirlpool's applicances.


Our Whirlpool SS fridge has permanent "scars" from where their protective film was removed.Visible imperfection.

I brought the issue to my Home Depot sales person.

As luck would have it, their floor model has the exact same visible imperfections. They told me to use a specific SS polish. I told the salesperson to use it on the floor model. She did and it came as no surprise that the polish didn't work.

The linear imperfections remained.

Whirlpool sent a local "technician" to look at my fridge. After a minute he said there's nothing he could do.

He told me to take it up with Whirlpool.

Whirlpool is telling me that it's a cosmetic problem and that, effectively, I'm out of luck.They won't to squat.

Nice customer service.

Roswell, Georgia, United States #1025995

We purchased a new Whirlpool side by side fridge/freezer from Home Depot in November of 2014.

Within 6 months we noticed rust spots appearing on both doors-- right in the middle of the faces of both doors.We also purchased at the same time a Whirlpool stainless steel dishwasher.

We maintained both appliances in exactly the same manner. Why does one rust while the other doesn't?

Whirlpool has failed to stand behind their product. They consider the rust to be a "cosmetic" issue; and thus not covered under my warrantee.

I hold Jeff M.

Fettig, Chairman and CEO, Board of Directors, Executive Board of Whirlpool personally responsible. Leadership and customer service starts at the top of the corporation.

Mr.Fettig earns:

Total Compensation $7.33 mil 5-Year Compensation $45.16 mil I think those compensation dollars would be better spent on a seemingly absent stainless steel quality control program.

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