My only 5 year old refrigerator stopped working today. I purchased 5 years ago!!! $2400 new!!! I had to go in to work, so my fiance call the company to try to set up a repair appointment. They told him about a repair plus one option which would cost a little less than $400, which would cover all service calls, parts and labor for a year. I did a little Internet researched and phoned a friend who fixes a lot of his own things around the house, trying to figure out what might be wrong, and if it was worth fixing. My friend suggested to just buy a new one, because there is probably something really wrong with it, such as the compressor or motherboard. So feeling a bit overwhelmed I called whirlpool back later that day, i spoke with a woman in Tennessee, asking about the plan my fiance was offered earlier. They explained it again. I asked again about the parts and labor portion, my main concern was if there was some loop hole the earlier offer. Sounds too good to be true, $400 and they will fix anything !!!? I asked if they cover all parts and labor, even if it's something expensive or major like the compressor. She asked if i knew if it was the compressor . I said no, but I am concerned it might be, if it is would that be covered. She asked if we had anyone look at the fridge to tell me that. I said I had a friend look at it ( he plugged it in and saw it ran warm air through). He said it could be any number of things, but if it is something major, than its probably best to just purchase a new one.

At this point the women puts me on hold.

She comes back and says that i cant have the plus one plan, she said that since a technician has already been out and diagnosed the problem i am no longer eligible, everything will have to be out of my own pocket.

I am very confused at this point. I reiterated that there was no technician and no diagnosis. Just a friend with an opinion (did i mention the guy works at a sandwhich shop for a living!). I asked for the manager at this point. She got on and said the same line which was "since a technician came out and diagnosed the problem you are no longer eligible for the repair one plan. ". I reiterated that there was no technician nor a diagnosis! She insisted and said the same line, "since a technician came out and diagnosed the problem you are no longer eligible for the repair one plan. ". I started again, that there must be a misunderstandin, there was no technician nor a diagnosis!".

At this point I am pretty upset. I am a doctor, and I can tell you that this women doesnt understand the terms she is usng #1 "technician,."....i assume all technicials have a lisence and this is their job, #2 "diagnose". This one is the most irksome,because as a doctor, I used this term a hundred times a day, diagnoses are based on history, seeing and listening to the (in this case product), and run certain tests to determine the exact Diagnosis!!! I still dont know what is wrong with this *** poorly made refrigerator. She then started to repeat her favorite line, but i could see she was going nowhere, i gave up and hung up halfway through. But whirlpool REFUSES to not only build a quality product ( oh did I mention that my only 2 year old whirlpool dishwasher died 2 months ago too!!) but then then refuse to have any decent customer service to backup thier products. Thats a crummy way to treat and talk to a loyal customer. I just wanted a good product, but obviously, they make terrible ones and then refuse to fix thier crappy products. So i guess i need to pony up another $2500+ for a new fridge....you had better believe I will never purchase another whirlpool!!!

Review about: Whirlpool Dishwasher.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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Don't not purchase Repair Plus 1. Paid $347.18 cent someone came out diagnosis problem said I'll be back in 5 to 10 business days.

That was February 3rd. Still no *** refrigerator repair as of March 21st. Almost 2 months and these people never fixed my refrigerator. And to put in for a refund and buy a new refrigerator.

DO NOT PURCHASE THIS SCAM. I'm a Police Officer In Georgia and will warn all of my family in Blue.

to Anonymous Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1132163

I don't want to be anonymous. My name is Jeanet Franklin

Chicago, Illinois, United States #1118845

Whirlpool / AIG Repair Plus One is a scam! Possibly a Ponzi Scheme, the FED and state need to investigate.

Bought a Repair Plus One expended warranty form these folks for my Washer for $317.00.

When I had an issue with the washer, they sent a local service outfit to check it out. After a few days later, rather that get it fixed, I was notified by the Service outfit that Whirlpool / AIG will not approve the repair.

I called Whirlpool / AIG to find out what was going on, they simply told me that they canceled my policy because the repair cost was more than the $317.00 I paid for the policy.

At the same time I was told that the 317.00 would be refunded in 7 to 10 days. that went by, and no refund. Many calls later on the refund status requests produced nothing.

After elevating the issue through AIG, they simply sated that the refund problem is with Whirlpool, normally they see delays refunds for at least 30 days or even longer.

Checked with Whirlpool, and as expected, they claim AIG is the holdback.

sent letters to AIG and Whirlpool Corporate without response for either. 45 days later still no response or refund. I, since had Sears service fix the washer, they did it the same day for $125.00 I was told by the Sears service folks, that Whirlpool / AIG normally denies insurance claims, and when confronted, cancel the policy.

And we know what happens to the refund. Chicago, IL 60646


YEs It is happening to me too. They just want our money.

10 long minutes waiting for someone to help and the they can not do anything about it. They keep transferring the phone for one to the other.

It is disappointing and tiresome...so frustrated right now. How those big companies steal our money.

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