I purchased Whirlpool GIOFSAXVY010 refrigerator for $3100. It did not work after installation. Retail shop technician concluded it needs a deeper fix. Whirlpool is refusing to replace, they say the warranty has kicked in, and they will need to fix the defective part. They shipped me a defective unit.

This is the excerpt from Whirlpool,

We apologize that your Whirlpool refrigerator is not cooling and understand the frustration this issue has caused.

The manufacturer's warranty provides repair or replacement of any part which is defective due to workmanship or materials. The warranty provisions do not allow for replacement of the entire product but only for the functional component that has failed during the warranty period. If a component has failed, replacement of the entire product is not required to resolve the situation.

We as consumers ourselves can understand the frustration you have experienced. Your comments will be documented, and we regret that we will not be able to honor your request to replace the unit at this time.

You may schedule service directly from our website using the link provided below or by calling our Customer Experience Center.


We invite you to contact Whirlpool again either by calling (866) 698-2538 between 8:00am to 8:00pm EST weekdays or by emailing whenever the need arises. When calling please press the available option or stay on the line to reach a representative.

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The model number is GIOFSAXVY010. It simply amazes me how you guys treat your customer and the retailer.

The retailer wants the fridge to replaced after the inspection was done. Whirlpool simply refused, unbelievable.

$3175 for a faulty refrigerator shipped with defect.

Instead of sending e-mail's back and forth, deal with the issue. My details are in the e-mail sent to whirlpool_customerexperience, as well as the retailer who spoke to your representatives.


Hi my name is Kyle and I am a representative of Whirlpool. I am sorry to learn of the issue you are having with your appliance.

If there is anything that I can do please reach out to me via e-mail at Whirlpool_Digital@Whirlpool.com please include your full name, user name, physical address, along with the model and serial number of the appliance you are having concerns with.

Please also include what site we contacted you on for our records. Thanks

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