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DO NOT BUY WHIRLPOOL APPLIANCES!!!!!!!!!! Save yourself the trouble. I have a whirlpool free-standing gas range that I bought when I purchased my house in June 2008. Just the other day, the oven stopped working. When I go to turn the oven on, I can hear a clicking sound but the burners in the oven do not ignite. I called Whilpool and they offered to send someone out to fix the problem. By the time someone comes out and charges me for parts, labor, etc. I will probably have paid half of what I paid for the range when it was new! I also had the same thing happen with a Fridgidaire refrigerator last year!

The bottom line is that brand name appliances ARE NOT built the way they used to be. I am actually looking at buying a Samsung or some other model and try my chances with them!!!!

The model # is SF362LXTY2

Review about: Whirlpool Oven.

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warning will robinson Samsung manufactures some whirlpool equipment!

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