My husband and I purchased our second kitchen of Whirlpool appliances within 2 years from HHGregg.This included a Whirlpool oven with Aqualift cleaning technology.

I am a heavy cook and this oven does not clean. It allegedly softens the debris and you are to hand clean the oven afterwords. Whirlpool will not replace this oven with one that actually cleans, and blames me (the consumer) for not reading the owner's manual prior to my purchase, which is not possible. They misrepresent their product and will not take responsibility for faulty advertising.


Review about: Whirlpool Oven.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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I have a Kitchenaid aqua. I hate it. Won't clean

to Lorraine #1371822

Me too!! Garbage!!


Have owned Whirlpool appliances for the past 30 years, always insisted on Whirlpool because of quality.Purchased once again a new set in 2016.

The aqua lift oven is a PIECE OF GARBAGE. DO NOT NOT NOT purchase any Whirlpool appliances, IT IS FALSE ADVERTISING. The aqua lift does not work. I am told by the call center that I have to scrub by hand like in the old fashioned $300 ovens.

Not to use any cleaners because of the appliance finish. I was offered $75 to purchase a new stove even though I paid $850 and have only had it for 1 year. Not impressed by how WHIRLPOOL stands behind their product with false advertising.

They should be held accountable and offer a reasonable credit or a recall.NOT IMPRESSED BUT PISSED like the previous comments.


Have a Whirlpool gas range with Aqualift cleaning technology it never did what they said it would do.I will never buy Whirlpool again.

It a shame that a company would manufacture such a piece of ***, and not stand behind there product. I wonder were the engineers who design this so called technology got their education, must have been mail order.

So thank you Whirlpool for all the lies you have spread about a worthless product.I would like to see a class action law suit.

Mount Airy, Georgia, United States #1320852

Amen.My AquaLift self cleaning oven does not clean.

Period. I thought I was getting the top of the line when purchasing the Whirlpool range. Ha! What a joke.

As one consumer pointed out, my previous stove went to the dump with an oven spotless after one self-clean. What recourse do I have?

I am 80 years old, not healthy, so I suppose it is either another $700+ range (not Whirlpool, definitely) or living with a dirty, smelly oven.

Is there any help out there?

Jones Mills, Pennsylvania, United States #1284056

I agree.The sales person at Lowes recommended this over for self cleaning & it doesn't clean.

I have to hand scub & still does not come clean & I followed directions.Now I ruined oven by using self oven cleaners!

Seminole, Florida, United States #1278052

I agree - this is such a joke.I wish we would have read the reviews before purchasing this oven.

It does not clean.I do not enjoy cleaning ovens but apparently have no choice now.


I recently moved into a house with a 1 year old whirlpool gas stove.a casserole boiled over and spilled on the bottom of the oven.

I have run 5 cleaning cycles according to the manual, and it did absolutely nothing. Tried to scrub it with the sponge and scraper. The bottom of the oven is stained.

According to the manufacturer oven cleaner can not be used.

This oven is a worthless piece of garbage.


It is complete garbage!I can't believe we paid this much for an allegedly top of the line range when the Aqua Lift "technology" does not work AT ALL!

Mine doesn't even soften the grease on the bottom of the stove (forget about the sides and door). I previously had a much cheaper range and it self-cleaned. How can this be?

Thankfully I purchased an extended warranty (which goes through Nov.2017) so I will call weekly if I have to and keep complaining to see if/when they will replace with a functioning self-cleaning oven.

to Anonymous #1239861

My oven is dirty on the bottom. The aqua lift did absolutely nothing.

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