Pompano Beach, Florida

My husband and I purchased our second kitchen of Whirlpool appliances within 2 years from HHGregg. This included a Whirlpool oven with Aqualift cleaning technology.

I am a heavy cook and this oven does not clean. It allegedly softens the debris and you are to hand clean the oven afterwords. Whirlpool will not replace this oven with one that actually cleans, and blames me (the consumer) for not reading the owner's manual prior to my purchase, which is not possible. They misrepresent their product and will not take responsibility for faulty advertising.


Product or Service Mentioned: Whirlpool Oven.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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Absolutely agree that this oven is worthless. It came with our almost new house.

I just ran the cycle twice and it doesn’t work.

Piece of crap. Worst oven I have ever owned.


I completely agree 100%. My old self cleaning Kenmore was much better.

The burned off food does not come off and I am told do not use any cleaner but how on earth do I get the brown burnt on food off??? and furthermore the cook top doesn't clean as well either.


Aqualift technology is not effective. If not for this I would love my Whirlpool stove.


Want a new Jenn Air but the self cleaning technology doesn't work!


I have had an Aqualift Clean Whirlpool stove for several years and have NEVER been able to get it clean.


I am also fighting today with Whirlpool. They take no responsibility for false advertising.


I agree that the aqualift is worthless. I’m trying to find out if there’s a way to clean it without a chemical oven cleaner.

Maybe vinegar and baking soda? Has anyone found something that works?


My aqualift 5-burner gas stove is never clean no matter what I use peroxide baking soda vinegar ceramic glass cleaner nothing has worked I have repeatedly tried the instructions and I have a dirty oven never buy this product never


I agree with every negative review on this stupid technology. Very disappointed! Aqua lift does not work at all!


I also bought a whirlpool oven with "aqua lift technology". I had the oven for perhaps 3 months.

I put a turkey in on Thanksgiving at 325F. We smelled something about 30-40 minutes later, and when I opened the oven, the turkey was on fire. Flames and everything. I called for warrenty work and they said that the heat regulator was faulty and replaced the motherboard.

Nice; in a brand new oven. The entire interior of the oven is stained with grease and guess what? The aqualift cleaning does NOT work.

I followed the directions in the manual using Affresh stovetop cleaner and a non-abrasive pad. The staining is still there and I am furious.


Customer is right I bought one too. I tried to do the aqua clean and it is useless does not clean.

So I guess Ill have to do it old fashion way.. Im disappointed in Whirlpool I thought they were better than that...


I agree. Just tried mine for the first time today.

It did virtually nothing. So this oven is NOT a self-cleaning oven.

Great! Would never have bought if I knew this.


I was very disappointed in the aqua lift oven cleaner. It does not clean.


I have the same problem. I hate this oven.

This is not what the salesman claimed. This was supposed to be a better solution.


There is a class action law suit in process, they told me it should be settled by early 2019,make sure to register here: https://www.aqualiftovenlitigation.com/


With all people here that got lets say screwed by whirlpool is it possible to do a law suit? Is there anyone here that can help doing that? I just got my stove a few months ago and trying to clean it it doesn't even work and my stove is not that durty and nothing I am not even able to get out what is on the side and they say not to put any product i never had to clean a stove in my life I always had self clean and just need to take a cloth with water and everything was clean spic and span that is false advertisement.


I’ve got the same problem. Manual says you may have to run the self clean several times to remove “stubborn” messes.

Still can’t get the mess off. Very disappointing!


I have the same problem. Aqualift may clean the first time but after that your oven gets worse and worse.

No one sells the product they recommend, never heard of it.

I am ready to use oven cleaner on it. Would not recommend to anyone.


Same thing here I wanted a self cleaning oven can't get on knees to clean. Was told this was the latest and greatest.

I've hated this oven and this is my 3rd in 40 yrs of marriage.

And I am a love of baking for family and am so disappointedin the quality of this workmanship. Have had the knobs replace twice and the knobs are easy to turn on and leak gas.


true, true, true