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Update by user Sep 22, 2016

After re-opening our complaint with the BBB, Yvette w/Whirlpool finally contacted me. They replaced the refrigerator and it has the full warranty.

This issue was resolved, but I shouldn't have had to file a complaint with the BBB and then re-open it again to get a response. With that I am disappointed, but the final outcome we are satisfied that Whirlpool stood by their product and made things right.

Update by user Aug 30, 2016

After having parts replaced on the Whirlpool frig, we have another door that is showing the same effect of the issue. We also found out by the service company that replaced the parts, that the Irvine Company (in CA) had hundreds of these units replaced.

The problem was with a defective nozzle that injected the insulation into the door cavities, in which air was also injected, and the air pockets are what is causing the collapse of the outer skin.

On April 1, 2016, I spoke with Linda Ackroyd, after filing this BBB complaint. She stated that if there was any further issue with this frig, it would be replaced, no questions asked. The parts were replaced on May 14th. After hearing of the hundreds of units replaced with this issue, we did not feel confident this frig was properly insulated, and soon after another door started showing warping.

I started calling Whirlpool, but Linda is now out of the office for an extended time. I have called and left multiple messages with Yvette McCoy (the person Linda's voicemail said to contact), and she has not returned any of my calls (June 30, Aug 5, Aug 25). At this point we do not believe they intend to take care of this, likely because we are only a homeowner with one frig, not a developer who ordered hundreds of them.

We are tired of being ignored once again by Whirlpool. They should make this right and replace this defective unit with a similar model of our choice, as promised by Linda.

Update by user Apr 18, 2016

Linda from Whirlpool responded in a very professional manner. The defective parts are going to be replaced in 6 to 8 weeks, and Linda stated that if the same thing occurs with the replacement parts, Whirlpool would replace the complete unit.

My only hesitation in accepting this is, if the same problem arises shortly out of warranty, will it not be replaced? It took about 8 months for both issues to appear with the second refrigerator, which would place it out of its 2 year warranty.

I guess at that point I would re-open the case. We're hoping that a $3100 (retail) refrigerator will function properly for more than 2 years.

Update by user Mar 21, 2016

It is ridiculous for a part that is preventing the doors from closing properly by themselves to be considered a "cosmetic" issue, and not covered by the warranty. The warping of the freezer door I do not believe is cosmetic either, since something is causing it to warp out of shape. Whirlpool replaced the same model once already for the same issue that occurred on the sides, and they told me it was defective, so how is it now considered "cosmetic"?

Original review posted by user Mar 18, 2016

We have a 4 door Whirlpool under warranty. The french doors for 8 months closed as they should.

Now the center mullion doesn't move out of the way easily as it should, and often the doors don't close completely unless they are physically pushed. The freezer front panel is warped and bowed for some reason. One tech came out, opened the french doors once, glanced at the freezer panel, and left. He told Whirlpool nothing was wrong.

I called and escalated the issue to a supervisor after being told I could buy a new one under their "Loyalty Retention Program". The supervisor ordered another tech out. Unfortunately the 2nd tech inspected it in the exact same way, and in under 5 minutes was gone. I was unable to contact the service company afterwards, and my phone messages go unanswered.

I called Whirlpool four weeks later and was again told the doors function "as designed" and the freezer door is cosmetic and not covered. If a refrigerator door doesn't close by itself, it's not functioning "as designed".

The warped panel is a joke- it looks like we threw a basketball at it. What is the point of a 2 year warranty when the company doesn't own up to issues?

Product or Service Mentioned: Whirlpool Refrigerator.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $2400.

Whirlpool Cons: Being told a defect is functioning as designed, Poor service, Poor quality.

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