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We purchased all new Whirlpool appliances when we built our home in 2008. All of our appliances are working fine with the exception of our over the range microwave. It was working fine and then went completely black. No under light. No interior light. No display panel lights.

We called the Whirlpool phone number (attached to the microwave) and described to the technical representative the problem. The Whirlpool rep stated that it was either the control panel or the magnetron that needed to be replaced. I asked the rep, given the problems: "Could it be a blown fuse? Is there a fuse I can replace?" The rep said: "No. There is no fuse you can replace." The rep then immediately tried to schedule a service appointment for $129 plus the cost of any parts needed. Not knowing when we could schedule a service call due to our own personal schedules, I was then given the phone number to call when our schedule allowed a service call. We later called and set up the appointment. After the repair man was here for 5 minutes, he was able to repair the microwave and guess was a BAD FUSE! So for $151.66, we got a fuse replaced that we could have easily replaced ourselves.

We will NEVER call the Whirlpool repair line again, instead we will go to a local appliance repair shop. Frankly, we probably will not purchase any Whirlpool products in the future after this experience.

Problems may occur with any brand appliance, I know this, but I do not appreciate being LIED TO in an effort to get consumers to use their service company.

Review about: Whirlpool Microwave.

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