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purchased a complete kitchen whirlpool stove micro wave dishwasher & refrigerator.Both doors on convex shape buckled in many places as moving in & out to clean.Neither lowes or whirlpool would come out and look at item.Suggested we buy new doors.Went in to lowes no model now in store or made.We will not purchase any items from either place anymore.Really thought some one would at least look at problem as it sure looked like a design problem.Guess so as no more models.Friday get a callto add 5 more years on warranty.Replied why would I add more time for me to set & look at man in moon dents in door.The stainless steel on door to thin and on a convex surface dented.

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We purchased a Whirlpool Refrigerator, Range & Dishwasher 2 years ago. Our refrigerator ice maker has taken a *** 3 times (the same part). We purchased a lemon and when we call Whirlpool they don't care....it's our money spent and obviously our problem.

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