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Update by user Nov 13, 2011

I had two more repairman come out before they finally agreed the fridge was not able to be fixed. After all that hassle and wasted time and money they have agreed to replace the item.

Although, I did not want that model again so they have given me a credit at the store I purchased it at to go towards another whirlpool item.

After looking at reviews you are pretty much picking from \"the best of the worst\". Our new fridge comes today - cross your fingers no problems with this one.

Original review posted by user Oct 13, 2011

I purchased at Whirlpool top/bottom fridge, April 20th, 2011. Model # W8TXNGMWQ02.

Immediately it was freezing items in the refrigerator. Had a tech come out to replace thermostat - that did nothing. Then the fridge was not used for 3 months. Using it again it did the same thing.

Had 4 more repairman out - 1# blamed it on an air leak - tightened the seal. #2 Calibrated the thermostat and adjusted the sensor bulb. #3 Adjusted the sensor bulb again(ordered new thermostat). #4 Made a hole to adjust the sensor bulb and replaced thermostat again.

NOW, the fridge will not go below a temp. of 50 degrees. (have to throw out lots of food)

They want to send someone out again tomorrow to "assess" the situation - that makes #6. I have continuously requested a refund but they just want to keep sending a repairman - in the meantime I don't have a fridge that I can use.

They have spent way more money in repairs than it would have been to answer my request. Very disappointed.

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You might be better off, if you have documentation of the repair visits and results, to sue them in small claims court. you can claim both the value of this "lemon" and something for your time and the thrown out food. But, in any event, let them keep coming out to "repair" it.

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