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Whirlpool refused to replace the defective PCB component in my Convection Microwave Oven. Even though the part was under warranty they did not replace the part and my microwave is still in an unusable state. They keep on saying that the part is unavailable even after 15 days of lodging the complaint. I am sure that is not the right feedback as they do not want to replace the highly expensive component free of cost (as it is within warranty).

The customer service goys are even more pathetic. Whenever I call them to ask for status they always mention that they are sorry and it will be done tomorrow. Many "tomorrows" have passed and still my microwave remains unusable.

Will never buy a whirlpool product again.

Review about: Whirlpool Microwave.

Monetary Loss: $13000.

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It is not a new story for me. It happends the same to my parents with a Whirlpool dish washer..2 months without dish washer! But I am pretty sure if you were not anymore under warranty, you would have your defective PCB component immediately replaced!

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