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I purchased a new Whirlpool GOLD refrigerator 61 months ago. In December 2010 it developed blisters in the paint on the exterior front. In June 2011, horizontal cracks developed in its interior wall. Today the coldest it gets in the refrigerator is 50 degrees, nine degrees over maximum temperature for food safety. I contacted the store where I purchased the unit, who were utterly useless (Conn's Houston, Texas). Next I contacted Whirlpool and was told that "no one else had complained", therefore, no recall. I think someone has to be the first to complain, right?

The CSR was profuse with apologies, but no help. I asked for supervisor, Nichol came on the line and more apologies. We went round and round. Since no one else had complained they know there is nothing wrong with the unit. Crazy! I asked for her supervisor and was told she did not have one (! I want that job). I asked for the appeals process and finally was told to WRITE to the Whirlpool Executive Team, 553 Benson Road, Benton Harbor, MI 49022. I was told they, "would get back to me". Imagine that in this technologically advanced world that I must first press for the appeals process and then SNAIL MAIL a letter. I thought this was 2011, but OK, wrote letter, not even the courtesy of a reply. In the letter I said I did not expect a new refrigerator, but either repair or replace the defective parts. I even expected Whirlpool to depreciate the purchase price and allow me to BUY another unit with the unused portion of the original purchase price applied to the new refrigerator. They simply do not care to stand behind what they make.

Buying Samsung next!

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I would like to warn any and everyone about WHIRLPOOL. PLEASE DO NOT waste you money/time purchasing anything made by WHIRLPOOL.

I purchased a NEW washer Aug/2011 with an extended warranty. This washer has had to be repaired twice with the last time being unrepairable. I have gone round and round with the warranty dept, as well as contacting the WHIRLPOOL Executive Team. I was told that there was NOTHING that could be done!

I can't believe that a company would not stand behind a product with their name on it. I know nothing last forever, but who exspects a washer to QUIT working a year and 3 months after you purchase it. WHIRLPOOL sales lousy products from what I am seeing and after reading consumer reports!

I will NEVER purchase anything with the name WHIRLPOOL on it ever again, and I hope you will do the same! Spend your money on a name that last and a company that cares!!!


Hi my name is Kyle and I am a representative of Whirlpool. I am sorry to learn of the issue you are having with your appliance.

If there is anything that I can do please reach out to me via Facebook (Whirlpool) or Twitter (WhirlpoolCare). Or contact us directly via e-mail

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