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After writing this complaint I was contact by whirlpool customer service and even though I was told before no extended warranty existed, I was offered a repair + 1 year policy for $329. Having no other choice and a fridge that did not work I bought the policy and a repairman came out the next day.

Since purchase of the policy I have had 3 service calls. During the 1st call, Of course the reason it wasn\'t cold enough and didn\'t make ice was because we didn\'t vacuum under the fridge. So the first visit was a thorough cleaning and a diagnostic check. Result after the 1st cleaning was fridge was 3 degrees cooler and still did not produce one ice cubes.

2nd visit ordered a complete new ice maker unit. Unit was delivered however it was the wrong unit and didn\'t have the proper wire harness connections.

3rd visit installed 2nd ice maker unit last week. result 2 trays of ice made in 24 hours. Of course after the ice is made they melt in the door storage area and water runs into the fridge door.

Again this unit is Junk. In order to get this classified as a lemon unit I must continue to tolerate the fridge for 30 more days before I can call back and have them try to fix it again.

The real joke of all of this if deemed that this unit is unrepairable they will refund me 75% of the purchase of a new fridge. So $3000 for the frige new + $400 to try to repair at month 16 of ownership + $329 for repair plus 1 policy + easily $300 in spoiled foods. Note: We keep the real perishable things in my Kenmore (7 year old - never a problem) fridge in the garage.

So after spending $4000+ on this piece of junk they expect me to buy another of their products and shell out 25% of the cost???

I am not sure at this time I I would take another whirlpool for free!

Original review posted by user Aug 12, 2012

I have a whirlpool gold dutch door refrigerator model no. GI7FBCXWY00 Serial No. KY3135373 purchased in August of 2009 for Lowe's. It won't make ice and food spoils in it all the time. I have spent $300 out of pocket to replace motors to no avail! Thrown away hundreds of dollars in food.

I have called customer service and talked to supervisors and they indicate there is no problem...

They have repeatedly told me there is no problem and asked if I bought an extended policy....

I did not unfortunately but even then it would have been done by now. I have two other Kenmore refrigerators 7 years and 12 years old and never had an issue. This refrigerator was by far the most expensive and the worst appliance I have ever owned. My father worked for Sear's Roebuck for 36 years and he is shocked at the lack of customer service from your company.

I want to know what recourse I have as a consumer? The only way I can think of getting satisfaction at this point is to continually bash your company on the internet...

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Greensboro, North Carolina, United States #578886

Well the saga is complete! After purchasing the repair plus one year policy going through 4 service calls to fix the refrigerator, the insurance company decided to just give my money back and revolk my policy. I went ballistic. Long story short, I was contacted by an executive with Whirlpool and was provided with a VIP discount and allowed to pick out a new product the cost to me was 30% depreciation charge.

The new unit arrived a week ago and made the first tray of ice 3 hours after plugging it in! Different design this time. Went with the side by side instead of french doors.

Happy so far!

Thanks Whirlpool Team


Hello Nabozny11.My name is Melanie and I am with Whirlpool.

We apologize about your ice maker issues. If you would like us to look into this further, please provide your name, the name of the site you were contacted on (PissedConsumer), your user ID name (Nabozny11), your phone number, your address, the full model and serial number, and email the requested information to

We would be happy to review your concerns further.Sincerely, Melanie.

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