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I hate this refrigerator. I bought Whirlpool Gold because I was willing to pay for dependability.

It has leaked water into my floor since it was 6 months old. The repairmen keep "fixing" it. And a week later it leaks again. It is out of warranty now, so now I have to pay for the repairmen to come out.

I am sick of this issue. My old refrigerator never gave me a minutes problem.

All of the appliances in my kitchen are Whirlpool. This bottom freezer technology in my opinion has not gotten all the kinks worked out or I would not be thinking of replacing a refrigerator that is only 16 months old.

Review about: Whirlpool Refrigerator.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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Lawrenceburg, Indiana, United States #1132643

have purchased Whirlpool products for many years..The Whirlpool Gold 25 cu ft Bottom freezer is the most expensive piece of garbage i have ever purchased. It leaks water (a lot of it) on a daily basis.

The bottom is always full of ice. this water on many occassions have reached my island cabinets and have destroyed the wood on the cabinets.

Whirlpool gives me the run around and does nothing about it. Makes me sick !


I'm having the same problem has anyone managed to get manufacture to address the problem.


Having the exact same problem. I'm calling whirlpool on Monday and will discuss the circuit board/chip issue. We went with WP because of past name/reliability but obviously they are ducking the issue.

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada #996894

I'm now into my 4th and final repair on this Whirlpool Gold piece of junk. Once it is running again I will put it out there for $300 bucks, try and recoup at least one repair and never, never buy Whirlpool again!

judging by the comments I read here, seems like Whirlpool has a generic piece of garbage here that they are not dealing with.

I long for the old days of the 12 year old Moffat beer fridge I have in the garage that has NEVER screwed up. Goodbye Whirlpool hello Samsung.


Waiting for our first repair. Fridge is 2 years old, thank god we bought it at lowes and bought the 4 year extended warranty.

Not happy after reading all of this. This should have been resolved and obviously it's not.

Wichita Falls, Texas, United States #874068

well...at this time not to happy.... i have a 17 month gold series that was 2400.00 and my warranty is now out.

and i'm screwed.... you would think a 2400.00 ice box would keep for many years.

I should of bought an old used ice box for 100.00 and keep the ugly but working ice box..... in stead of pretty gone bad....

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #863698

I have been having the same issue 6 months after its purchased on 7/11/2011, Whirlpool should remedy by considering a recall to offer free service and replace their faulty design or I will never purchase this Brand again.

Worcester, Massachusetts, United States #854874

I'm having the same issue. Bought it from Lowes cuz it looks beautiful, but after a year out of warranty then started leaking water all over floor.

Luckily my floor is tiles but still pain in the ...*s to clean it.

Don't know Whirlpool will recall this problem due to inexperience design product. Too bad for whirlpool branch name...

Rochester, New York, United States #837433

I have same issue. I take the back of a butter knife and break the ice off the bottom of freezer when i see it leaking on to floor.

I really can't believe it hasn't been recalled. Truly sad and I will never buy this brand again.

to C. Tasker North Platte, Nebraska, United States #1078470

Pull the unit forward and remove the cover to the compressor compartment remove the rubber plug attached to the drain..thaw unit out to clear the ice from the drain..should fix your issue


Ours (2.5 years old) did that too. So did a friend's, who told us to call Whirlpool. My wife spent 1.25 hours on hold, and badgered them into fixing it for free.

Portland, Oregon, United States #831184

Whirlpool recall this lousy refriderator. I have a French door whirlpool gold.

About the time the 1 year warranty ran out this fridge started leaking all over the floor!! I am trying to find out out how to resolve the problem but have been dealing with a piece of *** appliance. Clearly you have multitudes of problems with these appliances leaking. RECALL it and mike it right!

This is a complete rip off. Judy Kane Portland Or.


Same here, spend a lot of money on that whirlpool fridge. it ruined my hardwood floor and the side of my new cupboard.

it sucks big time. I am calling them tomorrow but i already know that they will say, warranty expired.

Saint Augustine, Florida, United States #788853

Have the repairs for the Whirlpool Gold refrigerators that leak made progress with a permanent repair?

Atascadero, California, United States #762734

My whirlpool gold , beautiful stainless steel fridge has had to have the circuit board replaced , and ice builds up in freezer and leaks on the floor , I have to take everything out of freezer and fridge put in ice chests unplug the fridge every two weeks , to melt ice . I spent $ 1,800 on this fridge , I think you should recall it or repair it .


Our Whirlpool Bottom Freezer is barely 7 months old, we wake every morning to water all over the floor, several times slipping on the floor, wet mess, washing bath towels daily to keep up with the constant leaking. We saved money, hard earned money to treat us to a new larger family fridge.

Sales man said it was the best.

Now its a constant fight to keep the water away from our Cherry custom made cupboards. I trusted this company and the strong history they had, So disappointed- purchased in Lowes- Webster NY Kimberly Ortiz 315-576-1245


SAME ISSUE HERE... mine started a month after the warranty expired.. Very upset i got rid of a perfectly fine 10 year old fridge to get a new and improved one, the best rated according to Consumer Reports, only to have my hardwood floors ruined by the leaking and no matter what we do to repair the ice keeps coming back.


We had the same problem with our Whirlpool Gold refrigerator in about the same time period. Will never buy Whirlpool again!!! Tired of this.

Germantown, Maryland, United States #683038


Carolina Beach, North Carolina, United States #677848

I have the same problem on a Whirlpool Gold that was delivered in December of 2011. I wrote to them and they said they were unaware of the issue (yeah, right!).

So many comments like this are on the web, how is it that no government agency has been brought in to help us?

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