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Update by user Aug 17, 2015

WEE730H0DS 6.2 cu foot electric range...not working out of the box

Update by user Aug 17, 2015

going on 10 weeks now...whirlpool customer service still not getting it's act together...promised a pick up from local appliance store only to get a notice to have national hauler pick up...called 3x to understand the conflict never a call back. finally called c/s center who told me they would contact the hauler...OOOPs guess they forgot since hauler showed up at my tenants door asking for the appliance.

WP center replied to my last call saying return check (since I was able to purchase thru local big box store and not their own inventory) was issued and I should be contacted asap by local appliance store...9 days and waiting.

i'm quite certain I will have to resolve this on my own. continued to be disappointed despite lovely phone manners for whirlpool employees #surface service not substance

Update by user Aug 17, 2015

a light at the end of the tunnel fading away

Original review posted by user Jul 22, 2015

where to start...purchased range and microwave thru employee website...range (oven) did not work out of the box. No parts available either (after paying $185 for expedited warrantee svs to tell me the same).

MANY MANY hours later with dozens of reps and on line complaints I finally got someone to issue a range replacement...except...the promised delivery date came and went...and no one bothered to call as I had payed for someone to stay at my property to await delivery. Oh...the issue (1hour later on the phone?) no inventory...so they cancelled shipment 24 hours before w/out notifying me. Why no notification? They can't see what inventory they have...WHAT?

Can't see inventory? Can't make a call? Can't deliver a working product 20 weeks after I ordered? AND here is the kicker...I am now buying the range at my big box store b/c whirlpool can't satisfy their inside customers...b/c their systems are not robust enough to register orders against inventory.

A supply chain Nightmare. Pitiful. Letters to CEO, CSCO, CPO, CIO and the WP board etc will be launched in the am. SO incredibly sad that this once highly rated company has gone to ***.

Really...total ***. thanks WP...the only thing you have going for you right now is Midwestern reps who display courtesy despite not being able to answer or help.

Reviewer is in happy mood. This person is quite happy with some of the michigan reps and stated that there is a room for improvement of poor record retrieval and sinful communication. Please contact the author of this review to discuss "nothing" of whirlpool range. Whirlpool needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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