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Update by user Apr 01, 2013

Update to a never ending warranty repair, Well March 27 the repair man showed up and replaced the compressor. So after 17 days they finally fixed the fridge!

WOW and Whirlpool really didn't see a problem with this time line. I think this is completely ridiculous and Whirlpool should be ashamed of this!

Update by user Mar 22, 2013

So now after waiting 12 days to get my Fridge fixed, we got a call from the repair company to let us know the part will be in on March 25, but it will be March 27 before they can come as it takes two people to change a compressor! WTF!!

so I called Whirlpool and talked to a supervisor and he informed me that the part had arrived today (march 22) at the repair company and that they had a opening for March 26! WOW so now I'm getting lied to by the repair company!! I asked Whirlpool seeing that I have been waiting for 11 days to get my Fridge fixed can you not get them to come out on Monday (March 25) he reported no as it would not be fair to the people that booked an appointment for Monday, I asked have they been waiting 2 weeks to get there Fridge fixed?? no answer other then no we cant change the schedule !

WTF!!! This is just too F'n much I can't believe this is the way they think it should work!!! I guess they know they have lost a customer and just don't care anymore.

I told them if it turns out to be a leak and the unit can't be fixed I will be extremely pissed off!!!!

I will up date this repair to the end to share with others why not to purchase Whirlpool unless they don't mind waiting 3 weeks to get a fridge fixed. This is just too u

Original review posted by user Mar 21, 2013

I have a very old Fridge, its 7 months old (was reminded every time I called it new) that has stopped working. Called to report my "new" Fridge is no longer cold as I have water not ice in my freezer.

I called the store on March 10, March 11 in the morning I received a call from a repair company the asked what's wrong with the Fridge I told them its not working as I have water in my ice cube tray, they said O you will need a refrigeration repair man and ours retired so we cant help you! (WTF!) so I called my wife at home and asked her to call Whirlpool again. She got a callback later in the afternoon by another repair company to let her know they are too busy (fixing Whirlpool's I guess) and can't come until March 13. They showed up in the afternoon to open the door and report the Fridge is not working!

then pulled the unit out and reported the compressor is running way too hot! (wow tell me something I don't know) My wife then reported the repair man then said it could be a leak so he spit on the fittings in order to do a leak test! as he left his test equipment at the office. He didn't find a leak, but reported that it could be the compressor or a leak!

so he will order a compressor and left, but only after he said it will be next week before he would get the part and he was very busy so it maybe another week before he can come back. Hold on folks the story gets better! I was not happy by this news so I called Whirlpool to ask what's going to happen with this repair (March 13)they reported that they have a report of a call but have not received any report back, not to worry the part will be ordered, and shipped out for a service visit March 18 or 19. I asked if this was a normal time line for a warranty repair they said no it should be 3-6 days.

I told them it was 3 days just to get a non productive visit. and March 19 will be 7 days? They said this was the best they could do. So on March 19 no service or phone call!

So I called Whirlpool again after work to ask what was happening, they reported they have a report and that I need a compressor etc etc, complete run around "due to it being after hours" I talked to a supervisor about this and they said they will find out and call us then next day. So March 20 (10 days and counting) I called back to ask what was happening as no one called us back. I was put on hold (again) then they came back to report all is good the part was ordered on March 19 and shipped the same day! WTF!!!!

I said please let me talk to a supervisor they put me on hold again and then came back to say sorry the supervisor is too busy (hiding from you) I told them if there is no supervisor then get me a Manager if they are not available then get me the vice president!! after 20 minutes of being on hold the supervisor said he could offer me $150.00 for being inconvenienced, I told him take your money and expedite my part instead of shipping it ground from the US to Canada, he said they can't do that but can give me the money (again WTF!) So at this time I have been waiting from March 10 to get my fridge fixed only to find out that the part was only shipped March 19 by ground and it will be March 25 or March 26 before I see a service man! That's 12 business days or 16 real days with out a fridge and it is not fixed yet! I will never ever purchase a Whirlpool product again.

7 Months ago I spent $5,000.00 on all new Whirlpool appliances for our Kitchen and this is the service I get???? My expectations of a warranty service call would be 1-2 days to show up and either same day or next day repair.

I guess I'm out to lunch on this expectation Whirlpool!

Review about: Whirlpool Refrigerator.

Monetary Loss: $1699.

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