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Just 2 years ago, we purchased a Whirlpool upright freezer. A few months ago, we realized that there was a huge gap at the top of the door, and that the freezer was leaking air and the food inside was defrosted. We called in an appliance repair man (almost $100) who was unable to repair it, and a brand new door gasket ($171!) failed to make it seal. Now it appears that the inside of the door is totally warped, and won't seal regardless of installing a new gasket. In other words, it appears to be unfixable.

I contacted Whirlpool through their website and asked that they send a rep out to take a look at the freezer. Instead, we got a phone call from a "customer service representative" who read off a script that they're sorry they can't help me but "we encourage our buyers to purchase the [overpriced] extended warranty."

There is absolutely no reason why a 2-year-old freezer should be defective to the point of being unusable. This is the last Whirlpool product we'll ever buy, and given their attitude, I would encourage others not to buy their products either!

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