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I have this peice of garbage sitting in my basement, unable to use since it broke down. It is 10 months old and still under warranty. Had a major breakdown, called the company on 5/6/09 to find out how I go about getting it fixed, as it was still under warranty. My repair guy ordered the parts. No one bothered to tell him until 1 week later, one of the parts was on "national backorder".

Called Whirlpool numerous times about this, and they claim they have no record of me calling until 5/14/09. Despite numerous "heated" phone calls, emails, I'm still getting jerked around. I'm told they will let me know by 5/21/09 if the part is available or if they will authorize a replacement.

It's 10 months old, under warranty and has a major repair-about the cost of a new machine. Guess customer satisfaction is not something this company cares about! Good luck to any one who has this machine and needs repair!

Review about: Whirlpool Washing Machine.

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I bought a duet frontloand washer 4 months ago at 2 months water was leaking on my floor out of the door. Now it is overfilling and jerking like crazy.

I also bought a side by side refridge by whirlpool 4 months ago had to have a major repair part was on backorder for 5 weeks and they would not help with anything. This company does not care about its cosumers will not buy another whirlpool product


Blame Bill Clinton


I have just purchased a new Whirlpool Washer and this thing is so loud you hate to wash clothes unless your leaving the house for the day. I have decided to go to a used washer repair shop and buy an older model washer made before China started mass production of all appliances for the USA.

I will be buying all appliances from a used appliance store from now on as it is the only place left to buy something of quality. The whirlpool I let the delivery people take back with them was 20 years old and was a quality washer, I have kicked myself many times for not taking that old washer by the repair place in my community for repair. Its not just appliance but furniture and lawn equipment and almost everything you buy in any given year.

Now is the time for a rebirth of American made production of quality products, you would make a killing Americans will support American made now more than ever in my opinion.

We all need to stop buying this mass produced China import junk, we are paying less but getting *** and it is killing our quality of products and our life in general. This Cheap stuff is everywhere and we have got to stop buying it.

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