Whirlpool Duet WFW94HEXW1 Washing Machine, three years old, purchased at Sears Appliance Center, has stopped working: Error codes E01, F06, no detail in the service booklet hidden inside top cover of machine. Cycle will not start.

Water does not fill the tub. Placed a call to the Whirlpool Customer Service who told me the service codes are secret info for their techs only. Google it: E01=Thermistor. F06=Motor Tachometer.

Whirlpool wants me to buy $350 service plan to get this fixed. Or take my chances with Service Tech at a local authorized repair center, for several hundred dollars repair. THREE YEAR old machine died!

Horrible reliability! Never again!

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I'm getting the same error codes (F06, E01). My machine is not even 2 years old!


If your a little bit handy, take the top cover & face off the washer. Make sure its unplugged or flip the breaker.You can find a service manual online & download it for free.

Its a big help if you choose to try to work on it yourself. By undressing the washer,makes it easier to see all the wires. Starting at the very top of the machine, make sure all the connection wires are pushed in tight & straight. Look & see if any of the wires are pinched,cracked or unplugged.

Follow the wires all the way to the bottom circuit board. The manual tells you how to unplug connectors to see if there is any rust or *** built up. Youtube was helpful. I did find some white powder on one of mine.(didn't make a difference on mine) I finally found a pinched blue wire after going over the wiring harness twice.

I did replace the circuit board at the bottom before I retraced the wires for the second time. Some Duet's have faulty circuit boards. I did send in my circuit board to have the update done. It was cheaper then a new one & the place I bought mine had a better warranty & customer service second to none.

They pushed me to find the pinched wire. Its really not hard tracing wires, unplugging & plugging back in.

My daughter helped me & did some work herself. I wish you good luck.

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