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Dear Sir or Madam,

I purchased a Whirlpool Duet Washer and Dryer from Lowes and had my 17-year-old washer and dryer set removed from my home. I sorely regret both decisions.

Although I used the recommended HE products, the clothes came out grubby and in many instances unchanged from their completely dirty state. While folding clothes that came from the dryer I would have to make an ever-growing pile for “definitely unclean” – all to be returned to the wash. Included would be entire loads of whites -- which not only were not "whitest white," as per your representation, but clothing still contained the palpable residue of everyday bodily secretions. GROSS!

I thought I'd check as to whether this machine can be adjusted to have more water involved in the washing process. I think that if the clothes actually moved around in sloshing water, instead of just being tumbled around damp, which evidently only spreads the dirt around a little bit, your washer might actually do what I paid big money for. I thought that I must have just received a lemon, no washing machine could be this bad! If water actually had been entering the machine the clothing might just get clean. However, the results are all the same. I continue to sort out the grubby laundry -- and vast amounts have to be returned to the wash, including the icky clothing. The result of this is that I feel like what I'm wearing is still dirty and I'm very creeped out.

Water and energy conservation is a laudable goal but it has been implemented in some pretty dumb ways. I'm sure that you are well acquainted with the toilet fiasco -- toilets that purportedly saved water, but had to be flushed three times to achieve their purpose.... Your product seems to fit in that category. Not only do I not save water because of the repeat loads, but I use more energy than ever because of the repeat loads. Additionally, my valuable time is wasted.

I was under the impression that front-loading machines did a superior job, so for this reason alone I bought this pricey equipment. As you can imagine, I'm very angry about paying a premium for an inferior product. Laundry-mat front-loading machines indeed do a good job, but they use a reasonable amount of water in the process. At the present time I intend to return both the washer and dryer to Lowes -- though first I’d like to demonstrate their disability to my girlfriends by having them help me fold laundry.

I really believe that Whirlpool is a capable appliance builder, but your company somehow got misguided in the push for energy and water conservation. If you can provide a serviceman who will adjust the water input to normal levels, I’m sure that both of our goals can be attained and we’ll both be happy. I will then have no wish to demonstrate the faulty product to other consumers and not need to return it.

Thank you.

Addendum: From what I have read on some consumer opinioin sites, it seems that there are two possible experiences with this machine: one borders on a spiritual experience and the other is a recurrent nightmare. I thus conclude that Whirlpool has serious quality control issues and that for those in the market, buying this machine would be an extremely expensive gamble -- especially since Whirlpool's customer support is so utterly appalling.

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Constant error messages. Best used as a boat anchor.

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