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We took delivery of our duet units @ may of this year, we didn't start using them until @ august as we were in the process of building a new home. In november we started to hear noise from the washing machine, We called our sales / service company who came out to inspect the unit . they informed us it was the bearings in the washer that were bad. that was back in early December. Now we are unable to use the unit since the noise became so loud yet the parts are on back order, yet again.

as it stands we may be without a washer for another month.

we attempted to contact whirlpool yet they only insinuated that we overloaded the machines , and that things happen. I am at my wits end due to the fact we had another machine in our old home that was worry free for the 5 years we had it.

is there any way to file a formal complaint with whirlpool or it's parent company? and is tthere any type of class action suit that we can persue, I have a brand new home and expect to be compensated for any damage caused by this faulty machine , since they feel it is a slight issue

Review about: Whirlpool Washing Machine.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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I have a Whirlpool duet front load washer and noticed that it has a moldy smell clean it religously with Affresh like the manual states and continues. Also when on the spin cycle it vibrates so bad.

Had the leak problem also but fixed it myself by running my wet/dry vac in the detergent hole and use it to get all the water left in the washer by using it in the drain hose also every time we wash. this sucks spent so much money and with 8 people in my family we wash everyday.


My 15 month old Duet Steam front load washer has had the tub replaced twice by two differeft Whirlpool recommended service companies. I had the same problem as everyone else, the machine is so loud while in the spin cycle it sounded like a jet engine. Now the motor bearing is making noise and Whirlpool wants nothing to do with it. After working my way through the various levels of representatives and supervisors I was told that even though this machine has been repaired previously (under Warranty as the tub bearing issue is a documented problem with these machines) they will take no responsibility for the motor bearings and the cost of that repair is on me ($241 just for the part). This company is so pathetic that I was advised by one customer service rep to purchase an extended warranty because this problem is known to reoccur even after it has been repaired and that the parts alone would cost over $600. After speaking with a supervisor I was advised to write a letter to the CEO of the company because there was no one else in the company who was authorized to ok that motor repair. I paid $1,100 for this piece of junk and I replaced a still working 17 year old Speed Queen washer in an attempt to be more energy efficient!.....I feel like such a fool! I am going to write a letter to Mr. Fetig the CEO and let him know what I think of his products and policies as far as standing behind them. His mailing address is

Whirlpool corporation

553 Benson road

Benton harbor, Mi 49022

Attn: Jeff Fetig.

I am going to write him and I suggest you do the same, maybe if he becomes aware of how many unhappy customers there are, thing will improve.

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