I bought a Whirlpool Duet front automatic washer August, 2004 and paid over $1,000. For at least the past 3 years I have had my clothes smell moldy after washing.

I called a whirlpool repair man who told me to use 1 cup of glass magic to clean the machine once in a while. So for the past 3 years I have washed my machine as much as I wash my clothes and it still sinks.

I really hate the machine and think whirlpool should refund me or replace with a new model that doesn't have this problem.

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I have the same problem, and since I was tired of the NASTY smell, I went looking for solutions. Seems weird, but homemade laundry soap, which btw, cost me less than a penny a load, and smells awesome, does the trick.

No more stinky washer! :)


I have the same problem with my front loading washer. The smell results from standing water that sits in the rubber linning round the front door opening.

After every load, I must soak up the water that sits in the rubber linning by pulling it away from the door opening exposing the water and soaking it up with a towel.

Also, I leave the door partially open when the washer is not in use so air will circulate and evaporate any moisture. I will only buy top loading machines in the future.

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