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I have a Duet series washer and dryer...I thought I'd post my experience here.

2007 - X-Mas..I bought a Duet washer and dryer for around $1,950 less rebates.

2008 - The washer motor died and it was replaced under warranty.

2009 - A good year because nothing broke.

2010 - The Dryer's inlet thermister and heater went out. I fixed it and they paid 1/2 of parts. (Thanks Stephanie)

2011 - It's April and the Dryer's control electronics went out. The dryer is currently dead.

So, I emailed and called Stephanie on 4/18 for help again - No reply. I emailed and called Stephanie again on 4/20 - No reply. I figured maybe she doesn't work there now or is on vacation so I sent an email in for assistance from anyone - No reply. So I called (866-640-7146 ) in to talk to someone...anyone for help. I went into the line of people waiting to talk to a rep....15 minutes later.....Keanna answered.....I told her my history of issues....I asked for Whirlpool to pay to fix my dryer this time....I was assured they could not do anything to help me (this took maybe 10 minutes)....I asked for a supervisor.....15 minutes later....Lisa comes on and I make the same request....she assures me as well that they could do nothing to help and that there was nobody else I could speak to.

No, I never purchased an extended warranty because I believe what Dennis posted - "The quality of your product and how you stand behind it should be your warranty, not an extended warranty". I should have taken the warning the first Whirlpool repairman told me when replacing the washer motor, for he said "They don't make these to last 15 years anymore. They make them to last half as long if that, and when they do break its cheaper to just buy new rather then have them repaired". Whatever happened to quality? I thought i was paying for it when I bought these.

Whirpool, if you what to make this right, then contact me. I'll post the results of how you handle this.

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