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Broken water line caused $55,000 worth of damage to my vacation home. Do not buy whirlpool/sears kenmore products.

Water spewedd everywhere and when I came back to the home to check on it the water damage was incredible. Thankfully a neighbor turned off the water at the main to stop the flow. Whirlpool's response, "It's all your fault for leaving the water turned on to your refrigerator.

Our user guide says, "turn off the water if you're going to be away from your home." Who does that? Then they sent me a letter saying, "Not our fault." Don't buy an whirlpool product

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I know that many of you have had problems with Whirlpool appliances.

But we all know that no manufacturer produces perfect products 100% of the time. I happen to be a big fan of Whirlpool.

We have a Whirlpool washer & dryer that we have owned for over twenty years and have not had one single problem with either one. We replaced all of our appliances… in a kitchen remodel five years ago with Whirlpool Glass Top Range, Side by Side Refrigerator and Dishwasher, and there have been no issues with any of them.

Please remember that you don’t throw out the whole box of apples just because there is a worm in one of them. I definitely will buy Whirlpool products again.


I am not at all surprise that Whirlpool responded the way they did.


We purchased a stove top made by Whirlpool, and luckily bought the insurance. We had them out here numerous times due to defective products. The repair people said they were defective, and that Whirlpool should replace it with a better model since it was quite pricey, but all Whirlpool will do is replace parts until your warranty period runs out, and you still have a defective product. Calls to Whirlpool fell on deaf ears each time. It is scary knowing how many once brand-named products Whirlpool now owns. Jenn Aire, Amana, Maytag, to name a few. Now when I go to a appliance dealer, I ask for proof of the maker, because I will not buy any product associated with Whirlpool. Once burned is enough.

Go to Planet to check out a company's complaints. I don't bother with compliments, because the company can submit those.

I was shocked to see the Cosco sells Whirlpool, but maybe they get a cheaper deal with them in carrying their product. Who knows for sure with big business.

Do a lot of research when buying any product today. It is not like it once was. Unfortunately.


I can tell you who turns off their water when they leave their home for an extended amount of time.....It's the people with A BRAIN dimwit. How can you try to hold a company responsible for your stupidity!!!

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