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I purchased a whirlpool duet washer on 9/14/12. The washing machine broke on 12/18/12.

The service repair person checked my washer on 12/20/12. The repair man advised me the washer was falling apart and suggested that I speak with whirlpool about replacing my washer. The repair man said the outer tub assembly was broken, the inner tub was broken, the control board was broken. Basically everything needs to be replaced.

I spoke with whirlpool and they refused to replace the washer but would repair it although it was going to cost more to repair it than to replace it. Customer service advised me the parts would arrive at my residence in 7 to 10 business days. When I asked them to expedite the parts they refused and basically told me "to bad". By the time the parts arrive from the initial problem began it will be almost 3 weeks without a washing machine.

This is the first whirlpool that I have ever owned. I will be returning to ge.

Review about: Whirlpool Washing Machine.

Monetary Loss: $870.

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Livonia, Michigan, United States #586753

Of Course the servise sucks! WHR reported that they can't compete in the real world market. LG, Samsung and others are eating their lunch now since their quality is so bad. They are running to the Obama Admin now crying about "unfair trade practices".

I remember in the 1970's when I heard this *** and the car of the time was the Chrysler "K-Car". HAHAHA

Buy crappy products and get the service as the same.

Next time, buy something that you research for your family needs for the dollar value.

to Of Course the Service ***KS #587851

I thought Samsung and LG were great. So far my LG dryer is amazing.

My Samsung washer was amazing until it broke last week. I have only owned it for 2 years and 9 days and paid $800 (on sale) for it. The cost to fix the problem, which should technically be covered under their "best in the industry warranty", will be over $1,000. The reviews for my washer as well as many other Samsung washers were and continue to be great....

up until the point that it majorly breaks without warning and Samsung tells you: sorry, they can't help you for whatever reason they can possibly think of. According to reviews Samsung is not customer service friendly, nor do they stand by their warranties. Their machines also seem to be breaking at the 2 year mark.

After doing extensive research to try to replace a washer I loved I am finding that every manufacturer and models have problems. So I guess when it comes to appliances you can do your research but you'd better also cross your fingers and hope that you don't get a lemon machine.


I realize it must be frustrating to not have a washer for up to three weeks. I hate going to a laundromat myself.

What you fail to realize is, if they tried to expedite parts like that, it is almost a guarantee that they will arrive damaged and you will simply end up with an even longer wait.

Be patient. It will get fixed.

to Me Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #630156

how is expediting shipping going to involve broken parts,, i ship things out all the time & its just a matter of packaging & a little extra money to get it there faster. makes no sence-you must b an employee!

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