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This machine never worked right. It started with failure to run after a few minutes in the WASH cycle.

Then the machine stopped and remain in the same setting for the remaining time. A repair man came over and said that we had to modify the way the drain hose was emptying. We replaced the drain system from having the drain going into a laundry tub to one that used a stand pipe with an air gap. After several experimenting ways, the repair man tied up the drain hose with a "loop" prior to draining the water into the sink.

When he left the machined worked for a little while, but it never washed the clothes properly. The clothes have develop a foul smell because the rinse cycle does not work, and it leaves the clothes with the same dirty water.

I tried to return the machine to Costco, but they just said to call for more service. The person at Costco just gave me her first name, but refused to supply her last name. Costco suggestion was simply to call for more service.

I am ready to start a class action suit. If you are too, reply to me at

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Detroit, Michigan, United States #620340

This washer is the worst purchase I have ever made. My first luxury purchase on an appliance went so very wrong.

I also bought brand new set of top of the line towels within 6 months they were faded , ruined, strings everywhere I could not believe it the washer mangles everything. Blue jeans , tee shirts have to be ironed every time. It spins everything into knots. And sheets Omg you can't imagine .

They are so light there are hundredes of wrinkles. What pissed me off the mist consumers reports rated high? Wt? Before I realized how it was ruining all my clothes I told my girlfriend about it, she bought one, SAME ISSUES.

HERS is now in her rental house , dumped it immediately. All she was doing was ironing . As I right this I now realize my uniform coat I bought in October to use in the winter at post office is about ten shades lighter than everyone else's .....even though they have had for years and mine is worn, and appearance thinnerbafter about 6 washes, this coat alone needs replacing at actual pet of 260.00 and its goretex, that can't even withstand this beast . DO NOT BUY THIS MACHINE.

Dryer ok , but wrinkles so final from the abusive washer, dryer does not stand a chance ALL COMES OUT WRINKLED.



Both my washer and dryer are pieces of ***. Anyone know a lawyer?


I have a set of Cabrio's that are 2 years old as well. . .

My washer is just ruining my clothes/towels.

Have you noticed how much lint is in the dryer lint filter?

That's your towells/clothes disentegrating!

Is always out of balance, doesn't give enuf water to clean with unless the *bulky items* selection is used for everything.

The manufacturer sez *that's how it's supposed to be*! and that's *** !!!

Some engineers brainchilds should not be allowed to come to market!

And this is one of such brainchilids!


We have had the same problem ours is two yrs old it has water that wont drain and now smell rancid then it stays running on the same cycle but will not drain repair man says pump is fine and motor is good he is baffeled why it refuses to drain and recently the lid will stay locked or not lock at all forcing the lid up as of last week we are unable to use washer due to the fact it will not drain except when we first start it it drains for 10 seconds then nothing else drains!!! we need to have class action suit!!!


the washers are the worsti have ever seen


I agree something needs to be done my machine is completely rusted through under the lid and I have only owned it for four years. Unable to be used right now. It is will shut off at 9 mins let in the load every time.

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