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Update by user Jun 13, 2013

The technician who came to check out my washer lid ordered a new lid, both hinges, and bearings. The parts were back-ordered, but they are supposed to ship out to my home tomorrow. The Whirlpool technician is currently scheduled to come in to install the parts on Monday. Incidentally, the technician told me he has seen cases were some owners have drilled *** through the broken lid and mended it with a bolt. I am not sure if this is a viable fix, but I may try with the old lid once the new one is replaced. I expect that I might have the same problem down the road with the new lid unless Whirlpool has changed the design of the hinges. In my opinion, the hinges have WAY too much tension on them for the flimsy plastic frame.

Again, Whirlpool finally came through, but the overall cost to them is going to be over $500.00. I appreciate Whirlpool's Amber for her professionalism in taking care of this, but I also understand the frustration that others are having with their initial customer service contact.

I am hoping that the new lid/hinge assembly has somehow been updated so that this will no longer be a problem. Good luck to others who are having the same problem.

Update by user May 22, 2013

Whirlpool eventually came through and took care of our problem. Amber called me a few days following her post (below) and she sent a technician to my house to replace the lid on my washer at no charge to me. I appreciate the professionalism that Amber displayed in taking care of this issue.

Original review posted by user May 13, 2013

My wife and I purchased a Cabrio washer from Lowes a little less than two years ago (factory warranty is twelve months). Our machine came with the see through glass lid. It turns out that the plastic frame that attaches the lid to the washing machine is a very poor design, as the spring loaded hinges put too much tension upon the plastic frame and it WILL crack/break over time. The replacement lid costs about $200.00+, leaving little incentive to repair the machine.

I just spoke with two Whirlpool representatives by telephone about this issue, one in Tennessee and one in Michigan. I spent several hours before my call researching this problem, and found that it is a known problem with this product. Just one example of the research I found can be seen at:

Of course, I told the Whirlpool rep. about my research, and she told me (paraphrased)..."We don't recommend our customers to use the internet to research our products, unless it is a Whirlpool approved site." I literally thought I might fall out of my chair laughing!! Later in the call, the Whirlpool rep could not find the part number for the call, so I provided her with the number that I found at a "non-approved" Whirlpool site. Turns out, it was the correct part number (imagine that).

After being placed on hold, told to dig up the serial number, etc. I was told that this was a known problem, but in the grand scheme of the number of units sold, Whirlpool considered it to be an "isolated incident." I thanked Whirlpool for wasting my time and money, and vowed to never purchase another Whirlpool product again....


Product or Service Mentioned: Whirlpool Washing Machine.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Purchased my washer 12/2018; I Was not aware of any problem with the lid until yesterday, Aug 2019. The lid to my washer shattered before my eyes.

Now after reading all the complaints about this same problem and Whirlpool being aware of it, i demand a refund for both washer and dryer.

I bought the dryer because it mached the washer. This is ridiculous.


NEVER buy Whirlpool again.


my whirlpool cabrio platinum lid is broken on right side


Mine just pulled apart on the right side as’s been a great washer though


This washer is a piece of *** My lid is broken.


I had the exact same problem and eventually Whirlpool replaced my lid. However, since it is a defective design, the 2nd lid experienced the same exact issue after about a year or so.

I've taped the lid at least 10 times trying to squeak out another few months.

It is definitely a design defect and is probably experienced by the majority of the Whirlpool Cabrio owners. Whirlpool simply is looking the other way on this one.


Yes. I am on my 3rd lid and it has now also cracked and getting worse. Probably don't want to spend the money for another lid and I will never buy Whirlpool again due to their poor customer service for something that should be recalled.


Same problem!! No help from whirlpool!


I have this same washer. The lid has been replaced twice at a cost of over $200 each time and now it's broke again!

@Karen 09

I sent them a email recently. Not a good response back at all.

Basically it is not in warranty and they know of no defect. They sent me a survey and I provided of course terrible feedback. They actually called me. Ended up giving me a great price on washer /dryer set - but I went with there.

Maytag brand.

So did not resolve my 4th lid issue but I got a really great deal on a new set. Figured since they were 8 years old may as well go with the deal they gave me.


I have the cabrio washer as well and the lid has been repaired/replaced during the warranty period and has since cracked again. The first authorized technician told me it was the bleach rusting the spring hinge which was replaced and after hours of complaining, Whirlpool sent a replacement lid as well as the hinges.

The second time, I caught the issue before the lid actually cracked and ordered replacement hinges - this did not rectify the situation and the lid cracked anyway due to the tension of the springs/hinges. This is the worst design for a washer lid I have ever seen. I have contacted Whirlpool several times and they simply dismiss the complaints. The replacement lid is over $200.

I have since seen the new Cabrio design has a solid lid - no glass!

And people wonder why we don't buy American products! DON'T BUY A Whirlpool!


I have this same Cabrio washer. Had it for 5 years and now my 4th lid cracked in the same place.

I notified whirlpool like I did before and they say there is no known problem......really? It is unreal. 2 were covered by Lowe’s warranty. And one I bought.

Myself. Just unreal. Look up whirlpool they make many know brands and I recommend for everyone to never every buy one of them again! I told them I was going to post about it and they don’t care.

They have the worst products and service. Would love to get in a class action lawsuits on this if anyone starts one.


I have had the same washer for 5 years. Twice now I have replaced the lid.

Guess what??? The lid is cracking exactly in the exact same place (Left side goes first near the hinge, the the right side).

I am beyond angry!!!! I could have bought a new washer by now, and probably will have to, since I cannot see spending $200 more for another lid that will break in a year and a half.


I agree, this has happened to me also, looking to replace the washer instead of sinking $200 in lid replacement.


I agree this has been a big problem but i have a solution. I had also bought another lid and it started to crack as well.

I also reinforced the lid to fix the problem for a year but it also broke. My solution is quite simple. The wire hinge that holds the lid in place goes into a square opening that is spring tensioned which is what was causing the lid to crack. the tension on the spring is to strong for this purpose.

I simply grinded down the square end to a round shape so that when you lift the lid up or down the spring tensioner is not activated.

The rounding of the hinge let's you lift the lid freely and close the lid freely. Now this does not have a spring tensioner aiding the lid up so be careful when closing the lid but this fix has been great and will no longer need a lid to replace.


my lid is broken on my cabrio just as all of you have stated and i just got off with customer service apparently a certain percentage of people have to complain before they care! can everyone who reads this please file a formal complaint over the phone or through the online chat.


Same problem.I have had 3 lids on my Cabrio.

Whirlpool was nice enough to eat half the cost of the first lid. Wow, what customer service after 3 hours of denying there were any problems with this obviously defective part.

I paid full price of approximately $250 for the 2nd lid. Lowe's paid for the 3rd lid after "putting pressure" on Whirlpool and getting nowhere.

I now have a washing machine with yet another broken lid at the hinge sitting in my kitchen, having been replaced by a fantastic SPEED QUEEN, waiting to be taken back to Lowe's and dropped off at the return desk and telling them to give me my money back and stop selling Whirlpool machines.

Either way, I will be leaving the machine at Lowe's for them to dispose of. NEVER WHIRLPOOL-EVER AGAIN IN MY LIFETIME FOR ANY REASON AT ALL.

THey could not give me appliances for free at this point.Pathetic excuse for a company not to cover for their screw ups.


Same problem. Our lid on our Whirlpool Cabrio Platinum washer has broke twice now.

For the price we paid for this washer we could have bought two of another brand and been better off. I couldn't find any recalls for the lids, hard to believe by the number of complaints people have placed on line.


The lid on my Whirlpool washing machine broke. I called Whirlpool and was quoted a price of $256.00 for a new lid.

I might as well buy a new washing machine (but it won't be a Whirlpool). I haven't had this machine very long. I am very disappointed in the poor quality of this product.

I will not buy another Whirlpool product. Apparently this is a known issue.


I was just quoted $517 for a new lid on my whirlpool cabrio washer!!!