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Update by user Oct 20, 2013

Submitted by Carrie Sitarski - carriesitarski@cinci.rr.com

Original review posted by user Oct 20, 2013

We purchased our Whirlpool Cabrio washer and dryer from Lowe's in 2011. (Whirlpool Cabrio Washer Model WTW7800XW2). Before our one year warranty expired, I noticed the lid was starting to creak every time I opened and closed it. I didn't think much about it until after approximately 14 months when I noticed the first crack across the lid. The Cabrio lid is comprised of a heavy piece of glass inside a plastic frame allowing the top to be see through. The plastic frame is not durable enough to hold the heavy piece of glass. Anyway, I noticed a crack near the hinge but the washer continued to operate okay.

Then at about a year and a half the other side cracked. Again the washer still functioned but I had to press down on the lid to get the lid lock to engage. I called Lowe's who researched my purchase date and handed me over to Whirlpool. I called Whirlpool and was told it was a "cosmetic defect" since the washer still worked. When I googled my issue online, I found numerous people complaining about the exact same issue. When I mentioned this to Whirlpool, they stated that it wasn't enough people to recall the product. Ironically the year after my washer was made, the lid was redesigned with a much sturdier frame.

After being told by Whirlpool that they would not fix my washer, they referred me to a local appliance repair company. When I called them, they quoted me approximately $500 to replace the lid. After continuing to read complaints online, other consumers that had their washer lid replaced complained that it cracked again. I decided not to fix my lid and invest that much more in my washer.

We hit the two year mark and the lid has continued to crack on both sides. In fact, the lid is almost completely detached. When I open it, I have to place a towel behind the lid so it doesn't open all the way. It will most certainly detach if I allow it to fully open. My washer does continue to operate but I have at least a 2 inch gap from the lid to the washer while it's running. I could actually stick my hand in the washer while it's running if I wanted too. I again called Whirlpool to see if I could talk to a manager or someone higher up. The customer service lady I spoke with said I had previously spoken to a manager and they decided that my washer still only had a "cosmetic defect".

I will never by another Whirlpool product again. I can't believe they won't stand by their product. Clearly they have documented that there is an issue/defect with the cabrio glass lid from 2011 since it was changed the following year. Such disappointment in Whirlpool! Waiting for the lid to completely detach so I can scrap this washer and buy and LG.

Product or Service Mentioned: Whirlpool Washing Machine.

Monetary Loss: $500.

  • Broken Lid
  • cracked lid
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My lid cracked by the left hinge last night I have had my washer since 3/11. So not happy.

I have a whirlpool imperial washer I bought in 1989 still working in my rental house unfortunately I can’t take it out of the rental since my tenants are using it. Will order the new lid but as other reviewers have stated this is the last time I buy whirlpool products


I am happy to hear about companies that will not support their products. I have to agree with the author of this complaint.

Why do we want to spend hundreds of dollars on a piece of equipment that fails within 2 years.

I will follow this writer's suggestion and never by whirlpool products. I agree that LG has been Superior in my experience.


My Whirlpool Cabrio lid has been replaced once, and alas... tonight the replacement broke!! $1400 for a *** machine!


I have the same problem. Bought from LOWE's Model WTW7800XW4 SN C13270613 LH hinge area cracked and loose.

Why wont Whirlpool fix this? If not many complaints should be easy and a pleasure for Whirlpool to fix and not costly.


I had a same problem with my washer purchased in 2010.The lid broke in 2 years after I purchased and then after replacing the new plastic with glass lid, it started to break again within 5 years gradually.Now I need to either relace again or just throw it away. Whirlpool does not admit it is a defect and ask for a few hundred bucks to replace it. Plastic cannot hold heavy glass.


I have the same problem with the cracked lid - just ordered the parts today to replace the lid.

Will not purchase another whirlpool product.


As others have said, I just replaced the glass lid and plastic frame with the all metal one. Dawn P's instructions below are 100% correct, I rewrite them here for everyone to find easily, and with a few comments of my own:

Call 877 477 7278 for appliancepartspros and order the following Whirlpool parts (prices as of November 2016):

1 lid part number WP8572026 (AP6013408) for $119.81

2 hinges WP8563964 (AP6004844) for $6.17 each

4 screws WPW10119828 (AP6015313) for $1.97 each

Total $140.03 plus $8.95 shipping, grand total $148.98 Note that it does not say that this lid will fit model 7800, but the lid will fit this model.

The parts came to me in two business days for the cheapest shipping. They came in two boxes, and the fedex guy only left one at first, freaked me out a little bit. NOTE that you MUST BUY new screws and hinges for the new lid, the old ones will NOT WORK. You need a Torx20 bit to remove the old hinge screws, and a Phillips head screwdriver to put on the new lid.

To remove the old lid, open the lid, and remove the torx20 screws and pull the lid straight up off of the hinges. Then remove the hinges from the washer by pulling them toward the inside of the washer. Leave the rubber gaskets (around the hinges) on the washer. (Note mine were white plastic washers, not rubber.

Put them on the new hinges between the washer and the new lid) On the new lid, install one hinge with two screws on one side of the lid. Then insert the hinge into the gasket of the washer. It will pop into place. With the lid up, push the second hinge through the lid into the gasket and into place in the washer.

Then fasten the second hinge to the lid with 2 screws. The new lid was really simple to install and took no more than 15 minutes. The new lid is sturdy, beautiful, and it looks like it came with the washer! And it will never break!

I was very hesitant to try this, but others below said it was easy and they were right. And it was much cheaper than buying a new washer. I'm so glad I did this!

(My washer was from 2011, not happy about a broken lid and a bad design, but can't really complain about a $150 repair five years later. I am mikemargolis AT gmail DOT com

@Mike Margolis

Success! We ordered all the parts listed above (they arrived in one day) and my husband just finished removing and installing new lid.

We suffered through almost 2 years of a lid that continued to crack worse each week and that I had to hold down to get the lock to engage. After reading online last weekend about someone's glass lid finally shattering all over the laundry room, we were out looking for a new washer-but couldn't find any that weren't made by Whirlpool under someone else's name or had more plastic parts that we refused to ever purchase again. Somehow I found this posting last Sunday, ordered parts on Monday, package areived on Tuesday, and we decided to tackle the job on Saturday morning. It was so quick that we need not have waited.

Get exactly the parts listed. One person can do it, but it helped to have another person to hold the white plastic gasket circle thingy with needlenose pliers when you are inserting the second side hinge. Mike, we want to send you a Starbucks or Amazon gift card or buy you a new boat or something!

Thank you so much! Kappajra@gmail.com

@Mike Margolis

Followed Mike's advice, although I ordered through Parts Dr. Removal and installation of new all metal lid was a snap. Thanks Mike!


Followed this exactly and worked like a charm.

Super fast and very easy to do With the tools outlined

@Mike Margolis

We have a whirlpool cabrio WTW7800XL0 silver. Looking to replace with a full metal silver lid. Has anyone found where i can get this?


Currently on lid #3.... Disgusted with Whirlpool!


I've had this same problem, called Whirlpool, talked to Warranty, no one cares. I am currently on Lid #4, it is beginning to separate and crack JUST AS my others and now my extended warranty is expired.

To replace the lid costs just as much as a regular machine. I will not be purchasing Whirlpool either and will be alerting everyone I know of all of these reviews


I had the same exact problem! You messed up Whirlpool, not stand behind you error!! Y



Same thing happened to me,on my second lid with same result,whirlpool should be ashamed of themselves,not standing behind their products,first time cost me 500 dollars.


Fixed ours by mounting a piece of aluminium angle iron that cost 5 dollars. We mounted it all the way down putting screws on either side of cracks!

Works perfect! Will how ever never buy whirlpool again hope this helps others!


Can you send pictures


I have the same thing with my Cabrio Washer WTW7800XWG. The rim around the glass is cracked and the glass raised. I am Still using the washer and trying to get a replacement lid but have not been successful.

Evelyn Costigan


Update - after having the first replaced, my second lid is now completely cracked at the screws. Obviously a design flaw with the lid!

Hoping whirlpool steps up and replaces it again. I even took extra care in raising and lowering the second lid after the first one fracked.


I have had my lid replaced twice and today noticed it is cracking again. I will never buy another whirlpool washer again.

This washer was too expensive to be such a piece of junk. The first two times it was under warranty. This time I guess I am just out of luck.

These washers (WTW7800XW3) should be recalled. I also had to have another repair as soon as they replaced the first lid.