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I own a Cabrio Whirlpool Washer, model #WTW7800XW2.

After owning the washer for a little under 2 years (purchased mid-2011), the plastic lid supporting the glass began to crack around the fasteners holding the lid to the hinges. This happened on both sides of the lid. It started as a small crack, but over the last several months the crack is slowly traveling the height of the plastic. These cracks have also cantilevered the lid as to where the lid does not seat properly atop the washer. There is a 1 inch gap between the lid and the washer while it is running.

With having a little child in the house, I am concerned this crack will eventually shatter the glass and cause an undesirable and dangerous situation.

After reading several reviews, we are not the only consumer having this issue with the glass lid. This is an irresponsible design flaw that is not cosmetic, but functional. We bought this model because of the efficiency it provided in "wringing" out the clothes before putting them into the inefficient, money draining dryer. With the rpms this model can reach, having any access into the drum area while it is running poses a dangerous threat to any consumer.

Once I spoke to Whirlpool customer service, there is no recall and they want to charge me $220 to get a replacement lid of the same kind. But understanding this flaw, this lid will just break again within 2 years or less. Appliances are an investment, and should be treated as such to better the lives of the consumer. Asking the consumer to continue to replace a part every couple years is ridiculous, especially if that money can be spent over the span of the washer to buy a new one.

Being money cautious, investing into this Whirlpool washer to continue to replacing the lid seems like a lost cause. I am extremely unhappy about this purchase and unless Whirlpool owns up to this catastrophic design flaw, I will not buy another appliance from them and also recommend my friends and family do the same when shopping for new appliances.

With proper customer support, acceptance of responsibility, and remedy to this situation, I can be persuaded to change my opinion. At this point, Whirlpool is only concerned about making money as opposed to providing excellent products for consumers.

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #807670

First of all, you're worried about your child, but your child should be nowhere near your washing machine or any appliance. Second, you should know that in time, with the vibration and agitation of the washing cycles, having a glass top for a washer was not the best idea.

Even I saw this and decided to go for a more traditional machine. With that being said, if there isn't a recall and you've had it for over 2 years, one year more than the manufacturer's warranty, you don't have a leg to stand on.

Ever think that maybe slamming the top every time you use it (and I bet you do, don't fib about it) you were the cause of your problem? And maybe next time, don't use your kid to get sympathy points with Whirlpool, which I'm sure you tried.

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