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I too purchased a Whirlpool Cabrio washer from Lowes and after less than two years the washer lid frame broke. Called Whirlpool and was told that the replacement part would be $244.37!

Unbelievable! The lid wasn't misused, its a design flaw which hasn't been corrected. I'm not paying $244.00 for a new lid every two years for this expensive washer. I then called Whirlpool customer service and was told there is nothing wrong with the lid, there hasn't been any recalls and they were sorry, but are unable to assist me!

Asked to speak with a supervisor and was put on hold for an eternity who only offered the part at half off. Will never purchase another Whirlpool product!

Review about: Whirlpool Washing Machine.

Monetary Loss: $115.

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I have the same problem as everyone else, cracked lid. Looking at it, it appears to me the springs attached to the lid arms are too strong for the plastic lid and continue to exert too much pressure when lid is down.

Still a faulty design, but if replaced by same type lid, I would keep the lid up when not in use. If the lid arms ran further toward the front of the lid, the spring tension would be distributed the entire length and probably not break.


I had the exact same experience with my washer lid for this model. At least they offered you half off.

They told me after 5 people and an hour on the phone that they could not help me. How much money has Whirl Pool made.

I can not believe they could treat their customers like this. I'm just disgusted!!!


Ok people. Here is how you make a permanent and cheaper fix that will keep your washer going.

This only works if you have the squared lid like model number WTW7800XW4 and not the older style that has a curved front appearance.

Order a lid, hinge arms (2), and screws (4) for a model WTW8200YW0 washer. It is a Cabrio it just has a metal lid instead of the cheesy plastic/glass lid. The lid has the same dimensions and fit. The hinge arms attach differently.

You must purchase 2 arms and 4 screws because they come 1 each. The part numbers I ordered are: 8572025 - lid, W10119828 (get 2) hinge arm, 8563964 (get 4) screw. The total with shipping was about $155. I ordered Sunday and received Friday.

Using a Torx bit to take the four screws out of the edge of the door (just open it fully). Two on each side, both near the bottom, just take all four out and lift the lid up off the arms. Then just pull each arm out straight. TAKE CARE, when you pull the arm out there is a nylon washer, collect both and hold onto them, you will need them.

Take the new lid, one arm and two screws. They attach to the metal lid differently. Go inside the bottom of the lid, push the arm through with the long side inside the frame. Insert two screws into the two threaded holes.

Tighten them. Slip one nylon washer over the arm protruding from the lid and ensuring the lid is in the same orientation as if it was open, slip the arm into the hole in the washer. Take the other hinge arm and nylon washer. Slip the arm into the hole, slip the washer on it and then push it into the hole in the washer.

Push the arm tight in the frame and thread the two remaining screws into the arm and snug them down. DONE! Your washer now has a fully metal lid, complete with the cut out so the lock will function and your washer lid will not break again! CAUTION!

Study the image of your lid and ensure the style is the same before ordering. Again, mine is straight across the front (it does curve over the edge for the lock, but across the front it is straight.) I harp on this because older Cabrios have a curved front that looks like an old VW Beetle hood shape. This will not work if you have that style.

Save yourself the money of overpaying to fix it and keep your washer for years to come with no more worries about "the next time" the lid cracks.


I am an attorney in Columbus, Ohio, and part of my practice involves class action lawsuits. As an owner of this washing machine, I am considering filing a class action lawsuit against Whirlpool for this defective product.

My second lid in under 3 years just broke and Whirlpool informed me, like everyone else that called about this same issue, that there is no issue and that Whirlpool will not do anything to make this right.

This is wrong and I will not tolerate this. Nor will I ever purchase a Whirlpool product again.

to Anonymous New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #1013346

I own a wtw7800xdo and the lid hing corroded and broke the lid .it also corroded the led module which fell in to the washer drum whe on spill mode. So if you are filling a class action suit post here.

Colts Neck, New Jersey, United States #953137

This lid issue with these Cabrios is definitely the result of poor product design and engineering, inferior materials of construction and insufficient product testing. It is a disappointment that Whirlpool would simply abandon their consumers who lay down their hard earned cash for that they consider to be a world class machine.

When you contact the Whirlpool customer care phone line they read from a book of excuses and give you the company line. My concern is that this cracked hinge is allowing the lid to lift beyond the safe zone and someone is going to get hurt by that spinning drum. If an article of clothing that is in the washing *** catches that drum, someone is going to be injured very very badly. And after I explained this to Whirlpool they told me the machine is off warranty.

So, there is a warranty on their customer's safety? Disappointing.

If anyone is waiting for Whirlpool to do anything for you forget about it. They've moved on and so should we.

If I had the time and energy I'd contact the CPSC but it is unlikely they will do anything as no one has been injured as yet. I've epoxied a piece of aluminum angle to the underside of the lid.

It looks like *** but the fix is working- the repair cost $10. Samsung starting to look better and better...

Euless, Texas, United States #949951

i would like to join your law suit as a class action

i hve replaced the lid twice now and they tell me nothing wrong or have not heard of this problem

design flaw from the beginning weak hinge points and plastic breaks along support for glass lid

piece of ***

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #837521

I just called whirpool for a broken Cabrio lid. I bought the washer in late 2011 and the lid broke in 2013.

It was replaced and installed for free by whirpool then. The lid just broke again and they are no longer interested in providing any assistance what so ever. They wont replace the lid, nor would they even discount the price of the part to me. It is roughly $230.

So I think I am going to go another route. Since both my wife and I have law degrees, were going to sue them in Broward County FL. Win, lose or draw they will spend more money on legal fees defending the suit then it would cost for a new washer.

It's about time someone got on the offensive with whirlpool on this! So for all of you who have been told that "there is no problem" and "there are no red flags on this product", and that "the internet is full of lies" were going to make them bleed a little, for you folks.

More later

to Tim Missouri City, Texas, United States #1038202

Tim, I am having the same problems with a Cabrio Lid that you have had. Customer Service says there are no problems that they know of on the lid flaw.

They suggested I write the Corporate office, she refused to give me a number for the so called quality department, where these type of complaints are suppose to reside.

Just stonewalling me. did you file the suit against Whirlpool for this design defect?


I purchased Whirlpool Cabrio Model WTW7800XWO on 8/2010 and had to replace the lid at a cost of $230.35. It is now broken again; same location on lid. The computer wash dial was also not working properly. This morning washer no longer operates.

Contacted Whirlpool; they won't do anything.

This is an obvious design flaw and a "lemon". Would NEVER purchase another Whirlpool product!

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