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We purchased a Whirlpool bottom freezer refrigerator less than a year ago. Model # GX5FHTXVB08.

It started leaking water from the bottom. We turned off the water line thinking that was the problem. It continued to leak. We called Whirlpool warranty service and they couldn't get anyone out to look at it for 9 days.

In the meantime I'm pulling out the refrigerator several times a day to mop up water so my floor wouldn't get ruined. The repair guy arrives and opens up the back and the drain pan is cracked, the funnel going into the drain pan fell apart in his hands, and one fan blade was broken off. All these parts were made of cheap plastic. I paid close to $1800 for a refrigerator with cheap plastic parts.

He ordered the parts which will arrive at my house in a week BUT nobody can come out to install them for another 15 days from the repair company that does their warranty work. Apparently Whirlpool makes such crappy products their designated warranty repair company can't keep up with the repairs. I complained to Whirlpool who sent their apologies and are sending me a claim form to repair my floor if it suffers damage from all the water leakage. But they said nothing about attempting to expedite service to me.

I should have kept my 20+ year old refrigerator that never gave me a moment of trouble instead of spending so much money on this piece of junk from Whirlpool.

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Columbia, Kentucky, United States #725458

This is why you should never spend that kind of money on a fridge. Never get one with a door ice maker or water dispenser, either.

They tend to leak and break down---on all makes. Buy cheap appliances with no bells and whistles and when they break, throw out and buy another. As for quality construction---forget it.

No more. Plastic, plastic and shoddy construction is the rule.

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